Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogger Newcomers

Well, the list of people asking me to start a blog just keeps getting longer and longer so we have finally jumped on the bandwagon. My only worry is that when I figure this whole thing out you will all be switching to another program! (ha ha). I know I recently just sent pictures out to most of you so we thought we'd include some video from our constant entertainment.

The girls are growing up so fast and we continue to just have a blast with them. We are thankful for every milestone Alexis hits. Kylee is our constant mover and Skylar and I are always looking for new ways to entertain her. Saturday morning she asked to go pretend sledding in the garage when she found her snowboots, so........Skylar came up with this clever idea as we wait for real snow.


Taylor and Amber said...

yeah... you have joined the blogging family. Love it so far, and the videos are awesome. Before you know it you will be checking blogs daily.. Take care and if you want to check in with ours (which you probably already have, but just in case...)


JoAnna said...

Yippee!! What a blast to get a little peek into your fam. Sog lad to get to catch up more often now. Love you guys!

Dave and Mel said...

Nice work! I love those little videos and I'm sure Zanna will be watching them over and over again :) Can't wait to play with the girls in person soon, I hope!

The Lloyds said...

I'm so excited you started a blogg. I'm so bad at keeping in touch with people and this will help so much. I miss you guys. (I know you wouldn't think that because like I said I'm a bad friend) ;). Your girls are so cute! When are you coming to visit? We are here in SLC for Christmas so maybe if you are coming we could see you. Anyway, welcome to the blogging world!!