Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Girls First Year of Dance!

"Tuesday is Dance Day" a phrase often heard  in our home and continues to be this year as well.  Kylee and Lexi loved their first year of Dance and were thrilled to be in the recital back in June.  They were so excited about the costumes and nervous in that fun girly way to take stage.  A friend in the ward teaches dance which has been the perfect situation for us.  We have been able to give the girls a taste while not breaking the bank account and allow them to be in classes with people they know....HUGE for my shy, timid girls!!!!
Recital day came on Kylee's Birthday but she was a trooper about the whole thing and her class had a great time singing to her in their dressing room.  I loved watching Kylee behind stage and seeing her anxious excited nerves as they tried to peek through the curtain.  She did wonderful and we are so impressed with her rhythm as she always had the right timing.  She was ecstatic with herself and proud of her accomplishment which was fun to watch.  Her height caused her to get to make the bridge at the end of the tap routine which she was thrilled about.  The most exciting part of dance for her had to be the recital.

Alexis loved coming home each week and showing me her chasse and leaps.  When it came time to recital day she was pretty nervous and worried about going out on stage especially since she recently reached some weird phase of not wanting anyone to watch her.  This was first discovered at her end of year preschool program.  Oh how we love her personality as it jumps all over the place.  She was so cute out on stage and I need to remember she was one of the youngest in her class.  She is excited to do it again this season and hopefully next recital will lead her group.

Oh, I must add how much fun dance clothing is and how glad I am to have girls!!!  Knowing how to do hair...well, lets just say that will always be a work in progress.  This recital helped teach me the right way to do a bun but I was glad my Mom was in town to do both girls hair and cheer them on.    Little Lexi looked so darling each week and loved getting her leotard on with a fancy hair ribbon.  To use a word from Skylar's vocabulary, "the girls always looked so sassy!"

Here is just a little peak at their dances.  They both love watching the DVD of everyone's dances especially their teacher and have now learned many of the routines.  Alexis loves doing Kylee's tap routine and often asks her for help.  It was a successful DANCE year!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Wedding in May

After much waffling back and forth on whether to take the girls with us to Skylar's brothers wedding in May and knowing we would have to give up our trip there in July we remembered once again how important it is to attend these once in a lifetime family events as an entire family.  We are so thrilled that we got to be there together and loved being a part of Ryan and Leisa's special day.  The girls are delighted to have another awesome aunt and have a great relationship with their Uncle Ry Ry.  I think both girls are old enough to remember this especially Kylee and I want as many good example seeds planted as possible.
There was plenty of back and forth wedding stuff but the girls did amazing through it all and absolutely loved their princess dresses that they couldn't get enough of.  They looked amazing and enjoyed posing and twirling around.  Despite how beautiful they looked their jaw pretty much dropped over Leisa's dress and Lexi wondered why her dress didn't look like Leisa's (LOL)  Both girls have already decided that they want their wedding dress to look just like hers and even want the same red shoes found underneath that Lexi just couldn't get enough of.  In between wedding and reception she grabbed the opportunity to show them off herself.

Ryan & Leisa were married on May 20th, 2011 in the Logan Temple
We had a beautiful reception at Hamilton's that evening
and had a good time celebrating little ry ry getting married!
Groom and Best Man
however, many times we wonder if they really are men as these boys will always be boys!  I enjoyed watching Sky play the big brother roll and know he is sure thankful for the bond he has with his little bro.  We are happy he has found a great companion and love watching the family grow.
One of Ryan and Leisa's wedding shots captures Ryan jumping off a wall in mid air and Kylee thought it was the coolest thing...she insisted on trying to capture a similar moment....not too bad I must say!  

The girls enjoyed playing a part in decorating the car and saying good-bye but not good-bye forever which needed explaining.  This wedding provided a lot of explaining opportunities which we sure had fun with and love how innocent little minds are:
-Why will Ryan move out of Nana's house?
-What if I can't find a guy to marry?
-Why can't I come into the temple with you, I want to see it too?
-So Leisa is now my Aunt...right?
-Can I have a dress and shoes just like Leisa's?
-Will we still see them lots when we visit since they aren't at Nana's house?
*Bottom line:  They are loved and they better play an active roll in these girls lives.  :)

We are so excited for them and excited for what the future holds in addition to game playing!!!
Before leaving Utah and getting Kylee back to school we snuck in a quick ride on Kelly Mae thanks to Linda and Uncle Gordon.  Unfortunately it wasn't with Great Grandpa this time but we enjoyed visiting with him in his home and cherish those moments. We are happy every time we get another visit with him and Kelly Mae.

A Precious Moment with gorgeous scenery!

The girls and I headed out a little earlier so we could spend a few days in Rupert with Aunt Laura and her crew.  My responsible Kylee was worried about missing school but was willing to skip a few more days if she could be with Peyton and meet new cousin Grant! 
 As always we were entertained our entire time and continue to be amazed at all Laura in the middle of her farm land in ID has to offer.  The girls had a grand time being together and we had a grand time watching.  I absolutely love getting to spend time with my sister and enjoyed holding her new addition...little Grant who I hope didn't feel neglected as the girls kinda stole the show.
In just 3 days we were found at a pretty fun bounce house, giggling, dancing, eating, having sleepovers, wearing matching Rapunzel attire, quick boat ride, swimming and last but not least a day with the horses.  
Alexis figured out going under the water with goggles and thought it was the coolest thing to be able to wave to her sister under water.  Peyton was found jumping in with no fear into Kylee's arms which she ate up. 
Laura lined up horse back riding with one of her extremely gracious friends and my girls were in heaven.  This horse was so well trained that Kylee was able to ride it around the arena on her own and even figured out trotting.  She had a smile on her face the entire time and has always had a love for these animals.  It was so neat to give her this opportunity and one she couldn't stop talking about.  I know she would love to take lessons around home but it is just unbelievably pricey to get into the horse thing.  For now we will live for awesome moments like these.  She looked great and was in heaven!  Thank you!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spring Break...a few days in DC

We thought it was time to finally do some site seeing in DC with the girls.  My parents were willing to meet us there so we crashed at the same Marriott that we stayed at the night before we got married for 2 nights and enjoyed museums, the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial the temple and being in our Nation's capitol.  We definitely weren't the only ones who had this idea and were amazed at the crowds of people in the 2 museums we went to.

The Natural History Museum caught Kylee's attention for awhile and she loved taking pictures of different dinosaurs on her camera.  But after a little while we heard "I'm bored" and we moved on.  I often forget how many hands on kid friendly places my girls have been to and what was exciting to me as a kid has kinda changed for this generation.  I myself was a little bored but thought I'd redeem my thoughts the next day in the the Air and Space Museum since I remember thinking that place was the coolest when I was a kid.  Well either it is different or I'm just not remembering things but it didn't captivate me or Kylee like I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, we are so glad we checked out a few museums and had a great time seeing things and talking about stuff with Kylee.  I'm truly amazed at all our country has accomplished.  We had some awesome laughs especially over the mobs of people that were there and the lines forming to just see inside of a plane.  My Dad was close to just forming his own line in the middle of a wall and seeing how long it could get.

 Dad in one of the fabulous lines so we could see this incredible cockpit behind glass...hey ya never know and it gave us a great laugh...girls included!

 The astronaut ice cream that I remembered from a kid made up for it and Kylee and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I love reliving my own childhood memories with my own kids and this DC trip had a lot of those.  Even eating Ledos...both nights actually.

 Sky and Ky had a great time in the hands on section and I love how he embraces those moments.  After all he still is a kid himself and I hope he always will be!  We enjoyed an Imax show together as well.

Kylee was so excited to see the Lincoln Memorial as she had learned a lot about him in school this year and enjoyed teaching us that this memorial is on the back of the penny.  She was amazed at how big it was and had no idea the real thing was gonna be that big.  It sure is an impressive sight and one we all enjoyed.

Kylee is turning into quite the photographer
My Mom as always worked her magic and pulled off getting us tickets to go up the Washington Monument.  These tickets had been sold out for months but she found the right group at the perfect time who had some extras and with barely any wait at all we headed up to the top.  Skylar had never even been up before and it was really educational.  I had no idea that the color changing in the bricks was because the construction of it was completed at different times or that there were messages on the inside of the memorial.  The views from the top were incredible and if you look really hard you can even see the temple off in the distance.
From the top of the Washington Monument

 View from the top of the WASHINGTON MONUMENT

We pointed out the White House as well and explained that is where the President of our country always lives.  I love that when I ask her who our President is she sometimes says President Monson.  Oh how cool that would be.  Thank goodness the President of our church rolls off her tongue just as easy as President Obama.  Now I just need to some how have this be a missionary opportunity for her at school if she gives that answer there.
Washington Monument for the first time April 2011

I'm so glad these 2 have each other.  They were fun to watch doing their cartwheels down the hill and running around in lalaland a place Lexi enjoys being in.  They also made the long trek from the monument down to the Lincoln Memorial with me.

The highlight for Alexis was the merry-go-round that she spotted during our first 5 minutes there.  She eagerly anticipated her ride on it.  She had no idea how odd I thought it was that there even was  a merry-go-round the middle of these sites but it made her day and she scored a ride on it both days!

The site seeing was great but in our daughters eyes it was all about the hotel.  They had a blast in the pool and enjoyed it both nights and even 1 morning.  They couldn't get enough of Grandma's Easter egg hunts throughout the room.  They love crunching on hotel ice, playing restaurant and cuddling together in their own bed knowing Mom and Dad are close by after an exhausting day.  Gotta love these moments and the constant excitement that comes from kids over the little things.  I'm so thankful they help me stop and enjoy some of these moments.  I sure need to do better with that and one of these times we need to just take a trip to a hotel with nothing else planned at all.  That would be enough for them.

We always do well at packing it in and also fit in a quick stop to the Arlington Cemetery to visit my Grandpa and Grandma's grave.  Pretty breath taking and humbling place.  Kylee was sweet as she placed a couple of her jewels on the grave and worked hard at understanding.

My gracious parents watched the girls while Skylar and I did a session at the temple.  It was a gorgeous day and I felt great having my whole family on the DC temple grounds...something I've been wanting to do for awhile and haven't been able to pull off.  It is a good 4 hour drive to the temple and if we go taking the girls isn't exactly high on the list so since we made a trip of it I definitely wanted them to see the temple.  The girls had a good time walking the paths around the temple and seeing videos in the visitor center.  I love that Kylee has already picked this temple as the one she wants to get married in too. (Oh, I'm sure it will change but for now I love hearing her talk about it)

It was a great couple of days and we are so glad my parents joined us...we went our separate ways and took a little detour on the way back stopping in Charlottesville for the night.
....We have to act on every opportunity we get to see our Charlottesville friends.  We crashed on the Borg's for a night and the girls were in heaven the entire time we were there.  I love watching Kylee interact with her Briarwood group...they all get along so well and I've now learned how priceless and rare it is to find.
Lexi was absolutely darling with her friend Chloe who were attached at the hip when together and got some great laughs in.  It was like no time had passed as we headed to storytime like old times.
We had a good time just hanging at the park watching the kids play farm as the parents just sat back and chatted.  Oh, I love times like these...everyone is happy!  With this group all you need is a rock pile to stay entertained.  Thanks Briarwood crew!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Little Princess is 4!

I can't believe my little baby is 4!  Alexis turned 4 on March 24th and was thrilled with her Princess Birthday Party as this girl eats, sleeps and breathes princesses.  Her current favorites are Rapunzel and Belle!  She was so excited for her party we almost had more fun getting ready for it than the actual party itself.
She helped fill each goody bag picking certain colors for each girl, was delighted to set the table, loved hanging the streamers, made sure I didn't forget a single princess as we wrote their names in chalk along the front walkway, enjoyed decorating the cake, transformed into a princess with a real tiara thanks to Fabrina and most of all was just shocked that this was all for her.  "This is my Birthday Party"
Castle Cake (again, I'm the what, how, explainer and baker but count on Skylar
to pull us through with the assembly...we are becoming quite the  team)

  • We passed Snow White's poison apple and were awaken by a special chocolate kiss
  • Got princess bracelets by landing on the right colored wand when the music stopped
  • Joined Ariel under the sea in our room filled with bubbles
  • learned that with this group, variety of ages and first time guests that is was ok to just hang out and play too
  • enjoyed delicious cake, ice cream and edible rings
  • watched Lexi grin from cheek to cheek the entire party and smile right along with her as she excitedly opened each gift.
No doubt parties are a TON of work and soak up your entire day despite how prepared you think you may be but the joy it brings to my girls does make it worth it....I think!!!!!!!
This is the purse Lexi had patiently waited for weeks to get from Mom and Dad that she had spotted at Target. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, "that purse" is all she ever said.  I was hoping she would forget about it but at the end of the day when all was said and done she still said, "Mom, where is the purse you promised I would get for my birthday I've been waiting and waiting and still haven't opened it." I thought it would get brushed aside but she carried it with her and slept with it for a week.  Other highlight gifts were her princess story book from Kylee, her hands on purse book from Nana, Princess Belle nightgown from G-ma and G-pa and plenty more.
Alexis and her new friend Brynna from her preschool class that she absolutely adores and I was so thankful they were willing to come as it was our first time having her over...what a relief!

Alexis making sure her ice cream isn't too hot to eat!
The true Princess coming out in us!
The LOOK that tells all!  Thankfully Kylee is laughing at this picture now too.

My two darling Princesses.  I was thrilled Kylee was willing to dress up and get into it too.  She was so excited to be a big helper and tried her best to make Lexi's day special as she eagerly awaits her birthday in June.

I get teary eyed just thinking about my little girl who is growing up so fast and wish the stage she was in right now could last forever.  I love my little sidekick to death and am thankful for how many smiles and laughs she brings to me on a daily basis.  She is obsessed with dresses and would probably wear one every day if she could...but Mom needs to invest in more.  Oh, and it can't be any has to twirl!  We work hard on saving them for preschool days as those are the days she gets the most excited to wear them.  But if we are out running errands and she sees another little girl in a dress I without fail get asked why is that girl in a beautiful dress and I'm not.  I've come up with all sorts of excuses.  She also loves to wear her necklace and pick out a fresh pair of stick on earings.  She has more purses than any 4 year old I know and loves to have special treasures or collections in each one of them.  Remembering where she put them is a different story or where she put anything for that matter.  She couldn't keep track of her stuff if her life depended on it and apparently that is what Mom is for.  She is also my little singer...well both girls are but Lexi seems to always have a tune in her head...sometimes real and sometimes made up but rarely do you find her playing or hanging out without hearing her singing or humming something as she does.  She is following in her sisters footsteps for picking up on lyrics super fast.  We have some pretty entertaining car rides together as Lexi is belting in the backseat often to Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc.

Favorite Color:  Currently Purple
Food: loves Mac and cheese and could get excited for it daily especially when served in her princess bowl.  On the other hand, she hates cooked carrots to the point that I pick around them for her out of a mixed vegetable bag.
TV Shows:  Team Umizoomi and Dora (I love hearing her sing along or yell out the answers to the TV, especially, "abaho" on Dora which came out "a butt hole" awhile back)
Movies:  All...and gets excited to now go to redbox to get a new one for weekend movies and popcorn with Kylee.  Hates the "mean girls" as she calls them in the movies and has quite a tender heart on certain parts.  Latest love is Ramona and Beezus, Tangeled
* Not afraid to speak her mind and Kylee often gets Lex to do the talking in uncomfortable situations.
* Has the desire to make friends or have friends of her own.
* Really getting in to some make believe play especially through copying Kylee's every move which big sister often can't stand but we are all working on it.
* LOVES LOVES LOVES to bake with Mom and lick the batter bowl
* Obsessed with the Robertson girls and seeks to sit with them every Sunday.  Often has many people laughing with her hysterical honest comments.  For example, one dinner at the Robertson's home she was ready to get down from eating and Sky asked if she had eaten all her dinner.  She said, "yes" and he replied, "are you sure"  Lexi then pulled up her shirt to show off her big belly and said, "See look Dad!"
* Her laugh is the best and her grin gets me every time.
* Enjoys her books and purses and whatever her big sister is into
* I love hearing her try to tell me about her day at preschool especially now that she has made some friends and is finally excited to share.  Watching her walk out to the car gives me one of the best feelings

As I reflect back to how she entered this world I'm reminded how precious her life is and how truly grateful we are to have her in our family.  She is my little buddy and I cherish every cuddle and squeeze I get.  Sky and I are often in competition for them and I love often being the winner as the mommy daughter bond often wins!  We are still found burying our faces in the back of her head and wanting to just eat her up.  Her tender spirit is a blessing in our home every day and we love our little miracle!