Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Girls First Year of Dance!

"Tuesday is Dance Day" a phrase often heard  in our home and continues to be this year as well.  Kylee and Lexi loved their first year of Dance and were thrilled to be in the recital back in June.  They were so excited about the costumes and nervous in that fun girly way to take stage.  A friend in the ward teaches dance which has been the perfect situation for us.  We have been able to give the girls a taste while not breaking the bank account and allow them to be in classes with people they know....HUGE for my shy, timid girls!!!!
Recital day came on Kylee's Birthday but she was a trooper about the whole thing and her class had a great time singing to her in their dressing room.  I loved watching Kylee behind stage and seeing her anxious excited nerves as they tried to peek through the curtain.  She did wonderful and we are so impressed with her rhythm as she always had the right timing.  She was ecstatic with herself and proud of her accomplishment which was fun to watch.  Her height caused her to get to make the bridge at the end of the tap routine which she was thrilled about.  The most exciting part of dance for her had to be the recital.

Alexis loved coming home each week and showing me her chasse and leaps.  When it came time to recital day she was pretty nervous and worried about going out on stage especially since she recently reached some weird phase of not wanting anyone to watch her.  This was first discovered at her end of year preschool program.  Oh how we love her personality as it jumps all over the place.  She was so cute out on stage and I need to remember she was one of the youngest in her class.  She is excited to do it again this season and hopefully next recital will lead her group.

Oh, I must add how much fun dance clothing is and how glad I am to have girls!!!  Knowing how to do hair...well, lets just say that will always be a work in progress.  This recital helped teach me the right way to do a bun but I was glad my Mom was in town to do both girls hair and cheer them on.    Little Lexi looked so darling each week and loved getting her leotard on with a fancy hair ribbon.  To use a word from Skylar's vocabulary, "the girls always looked so sassy!"

Here is just a little peak at their dances.  They both love watching the DVD of everyone's dances especially their teacher and have now learned many of the routines.  Alexis loves doing Kylee's tap routine and often asks her for help.  It was a successful DANCE year!


Brooke said...

You seriously have the cutest girls!!!

Lexie said...

They are just adorable!

Dori said...

So sweet! Totally different from my world!!!