Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Wedding in May

After much waffling back and forth on whether to take the girls with us to Skylar's brothers wedding in May and knowing we would have to give up our trip there in July we remembered once again how important it is to attend these once in a lifetime family events as an entire family.  We are so thrilled that we got to be there together and loved being a part of Ryan and Leisa's special day.  The girls are delighted to have another awesome aunt and have a great relationship with their Uncle Ry Ry.  I think both girls are old enough to remember this especially Kylee and I want as many good example seeds planted as possible.
There was plenty of back and forth wedding stuff but the girls did amazing through it all and absolutely loved their princess dresses that they couldn't get enough of.  They looked amazing and enjoyed posing and twirling around.  Despite how beautiful they looked their jaw pretty much dropped over Leisa's dress and Lexi wondered why her dress didn't look like Leisa's (LOL)  Both girls have already decided that they want their wedding dress to look just like hers and even want the same red shoes found underneath that Lexi just couldn't get enough of.  In between wedding and reception she grabbed the opportunity to show them off herself.

Ryan & Leisa were married on May 20th, 2011 in the Logan Temple
We had a beautiful reception at Hamilton's that evening
and had a good time celebrating little ry ry getting married!
Groom and Best Man
however, many times we wonder if they really are men as these boys will always be boys!  I enjoyed watching Sky play the big brother roll and know he is sure thankful for the bond he has with his little bro.  We are happy he has found a great companion and love watching the family grow.
One of Ryan and Leisa's wedding shots captures Ryan jumping off a wall in mid air and Kylee thought it was the coolest thing...she insisted on trying to capture a similar moment....not too bad I must say!  

The girls enjoyed playing a part in decorating the car and saying good-bye but not good-bye forever which needed explaining.  This wedding provided a lot of explaining opportunities which we sure had fun with and love how innocent little minds are:
-Why will Ryan move out of Nana's house?
-What if I can't find a guy to marry?
-Why can't I come into the temple with you, I want to see it too?
-So Leisa is now my Aunt...right?
-Can I have a dress and shoes just like Leisa's?
-Will we still see them lots when we visit since they aren't at Nana's house?
*Bottom line:  They are loved and they better play an active roll in these girls lives.  :)

We are so excited for them and excited for what the future holds in addition to game playing!!!
Before leaving Utah and getting Kylee back to school we snuck in a quick ride on Kelly Mae thanks to Linda and Uncle Gordon.  Unfortunately it wasn't with Great Grandpa this time but we enjoyed visiting with him in his home and cherish those moments. We are happy every time we get another visit with him and Kelly Mae.

A Precious Moment with gorgeous scenery!

The girls and I headed out a little earlier so we could spend a few days in Rupert with Aunt Laura and her crew.  My responsible Kylee was worried about missing school but was willing to skip a few more days if she could be with Peyton and meet new cousin Grant! 
 As always we were entertained our entire time and continue to be amazed at all Laura in the middle of her farm land in ID has to offer.  The girls had a grand time being together and we had a grand time watching.  I absolutely love getting to spend time with my sister and enjoyed holding her new addition...little Grant who I hope didn't feel neglected as the girls kinda stole the show.
In just 3 days we were found at a pretty fun bounce house, giggling, dancing, eating, having sleepovers, wearing matching Rapunzel attire, quick boat ride, swimming and last but not least a day with the horses.  
Alexis figured out going under the water with goggles and thought it was the coolest thing to be able to wave to her sister under water.  Peyton was found jumping in with no fear into Kylee's arms which she ate up. 
Laura lined up horse back riding with one of her extremely gracious friends and my girls were in heaven.  This horse was so well trained that Kylee was able to ride it around the arena on her own and even figured out trotting.  She had a smile on her face the entire time and has always had a love for these animals.  It was so neat to give her this opportunity and one she couldn't stop talking about.  I know she would love to take lessons around home but it is just unbelievably pricey to get into the horse thing.  For now we will live for awesome moments like these.  She looked great and was in heaven!  Thank you!


Lexie said...

What a fun trip! The girls look so beautiful in thier dresses for the wedding and make pretty cute cowgirls too!

Laura said...

WOW, I love the wedding pictures. What a great family shot. You look BEAUTIFUL and your girls look GORGEOUS. I love their dresses, their smiles, and their poses. You can tell they ate up looking like princesses. They really do look like pretty princesses! Your trip to Idaho looks like fun! You must have a sister who loves you and your girls to do such fun things with you when you come. CUTE girls!

Lindsay said...

Cheryl! So fun to catch up on your blog! I love your family picture at the all look beautiful! What fun colors for the wedding. It looks like you had a fun trip...wish we were in Utah to see you guys! I'm sure our Utah trips will match up again sometime so we can see eachother. Until then, come to Las Vegas!!! ;)

Brooke said...

Your header picture is gorgeous along with the rest of the wedding pictures. Idaho looked like it was a blast as well. We sure love Idaho:) Quick question, how do you post your pictures side by side, or put them in a collage? I guess I could google it, but you might have an easier way of doing it. I hope all is well:)

Dori said...

Okay... amazing pictures!!!! Now I want little girls ;-)