Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spring Break...a few days in DC

We thought it was time to finally do some site seeing in DC with the girls.  My parents were willing to meet us there so we crashed at the same Marriott that we stayed at the night before we got married for 2 nights and enjoyed museums, the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial the temple and being in our Nation's capitol.  We definitely weren't the only ones who had this idea and were amazed at the crowds of people in the 2 museums we went to.

The Natural History Museum caught Kylee's attention for awhile and she loved taking pictures of different dinosaurs on her camera.  But after a little while we heard "I'm bored" and we moved on.  I often forget how many hands on kid friendly places my girls have been to and what was exciting to me as a kid has kinda changed for this generation.  I myself was a little bored but thought I'd redeem my thoughts the next day in the the Air and Space Museum since I remember thinking that place was the coolest when I was a kid.  Well either it is different or I'm just not remembering things but it didn't captivate me or Kylee like I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, we are so glad we checked out a few museums and had a great time seeing things and talking about stuff with Kylee.  I'm truly amazed at all our country has accomplished.  We had some awesome laughs especially over the mobs of people that were there and the lines forming to just see inside of a plane.  My Dad was close to just forming his own line in the middle of a wall and seeing how long it could get.

 Dad in one of the fabulous lines so we could see this incredible cockpit behind glass...hey ya never know and it gave us a great laugh...girls included!

 The astronaut ice cream that I remembered from a kid made up for it and Kylee and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I love reliving my own childhood memories with my own kids and this DC trip had a lot of those.  Even eating Ledos...both nights actually.

 Sky and Ky had a great time in the hands on section and I love how he embraces those moments.  After all he still is a kid himself and I hope he always will be!  We enjoyed an Imax show together as well.

Kylee was so excited to see the Lincoln Memorial as she had learned a lot about him in school this year and enjoyed teaching us that this memorial is on the back of the penny.  She was amazed at how big it was and had no idea the real thing was gonna be that big.  It sure is an impressive sight and one we all enjoyed.

Kylee is turning into quite the photographer
My Mom as always worked her magic and pulled off getting us tickets to go up the Washington Monument.  These tickets had been sold out for months but she found the right group at the perfect time who had some extras and with barely any wait at all we headed up to the top.  Skylar had never even been up before and it was really educational.  I had no idea that the color changing in the bricks was because the construction of it was completed at different times or that there were messages on the inside of the memorial.  The views from the top were incredible and if you look really hard you can even see the temple off in the distance.
From the top of the Washington Monument

 View from the top of the WASHINGTON MONUMENT

We pointed out the White House as well and explained that is where the President of our country always lives.  I love that when I ask her who our President is she sometimes says President Monson.  Oh how cool that would be.  Thank goodness the President of our church rolls off her tongue just as easy as President Obama.  Now I just need to some how have this be a missionary opportunity for her at school if she gives that answer there.
Washington Monument for the first time April 2011

I'm so glad these 2 have each other.  They were fun to watch doing their cartwheels down the hill and running around in lalaland a place Lexi enjoys being in.  They also made the long trek from the monument down to the Lincoln Memorial with me.

The highlight for Alexis was the merry-go-round that she spotted during our first 5 minutes there.  She eagerly anticipated her ride on it.  She had no idea how odd I thought it was that there even was  a merry-go-round the middle of these sites but it made her day and she scored a ride on it both days!

The site seeing was great but in our daughters eyes it was all about the hotel.  They had a blast in the pool and enjoyed it both nights and even 1 morning.  They couldn't get enough of Grandma's Easter egg hunts throughout the room.  They love crunching on hotel ice, playing restaurant and cuddling together in their own bed knowing Mom and Dad are close by after an exhausting day.  Gotta love these moments and the constant excitement that comes from kids over the little things.  I'm so thankful they help me stop and enjoy some of these moments.  I sure need to do better with that and one of these times we need to just take a trip to a hotel with nothing else planned at all.  That would be enough for them.

We always do well at packing it in and also fit in a quick stop to the Arlington Cemetery to visit my Grandpa and Grandma's grave.  Pretty breath taking and humbling place.  Kylee was sweet as she placed a couple of her jewels on the grave and worked hard at understanding.

My gracious parents watched the girls while Skylar and I did a session at the temple.  It was a gorgeous day and I felt great having my whole family on the DC temple grounds...something I've been wanting to do for awhile and haven't been able to pull off.  It is a good 4 hour drive to the temple and if we go taking the girls isn't exactly high on the list so since we made a trip of it I definitely wanted them to see the temple.  The girls had a good time walking the paths around the temple and seeing videos in the visitor center.  I love that Kylee has already picked this temple as the one she wants to get married in too. (Oh, I'm sure it will change but for now I love hearing her talk about it)

It was a great couple of days and we are so glad my parents joined us...we went our separate ways and took a little detour on the way back stopping in Charlottesville for the night.
....We have to act on every opportunity we get to see our Charlottesville friends.  We crashed on the Borg's for a night and the girls were in heaven the entire time we were there.  I love watching Kylee interact with her Briarwood group...they all get along so well and I've now learned how priceless and rare it is to find.
Lexi was absolutely darling with her friend Chloe who were attached at the hip when together and got some great laughs in.  It was like no time had passed as we headed to storytime like old times.
We had a good time just hanging at the park watching the kids play farm as the parents just sat back and chatted.  Oh, I love times like these...everyone is happy!  With this group all you need is a rock pile to stay entertained.  Thanks Briarwood crew!


Laura said...

What a great trip! I am glad mom and dad were able to meet you. I LOVE the new family pictures!!!! What a GOOD looking family you have.

Brooke said...

Jeff and I have been talking about taking a trip back east to see the sites. What fun opportunities you have.

Brooke said...

And I meant to mention I love the family pictures! You have such a beautiful family!