Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Little Princess is 4!

I can't believe my little baby is 4!  Alexis turned 4 on March 24th and was thrilled with her Princess Birthday Party as this girl eats, sleeps and breathes princesses.  Her current favorites are Rapunzel and Belle!  She was so excited for her party we almost had more fun getting ready for it than the actual party itself.
She helped fill each goody bag picking certain colors for each girl, was delighted to set the table, loved hanging the streamers, made sure I didn't forget a single princess as we wrote their names in chalk along the front walkway, enjoyed decorating the cake, transformed into a princess with a real tiara thanks to Fabrina and most of all was just shocked that this was all for her.  "This is my Birthday Party"
Castle Cake (again, I'm the what, how, explainer and baker but count on Skylar
to pull us through with the assembly...we are becoming quite the  team)

  • We passed Snow White's poison apple and were awaken by a special chocolate kiss
  • Got princess bracelets by landing on the right colored wand when the music stopped
  • Joined Ariel under the sea in our room filled with bubbles
  • learned that with this group, variety of ages and first time guests that is was ok to just hang out and play too
  • enjoyed delicious cake, ice cream and edible rings
  • watched Lexi grin from cheek to cheek the entire party and smile right along with her as she excitedly opened each gift.
No doubt parties are a TON of work and soak up your entire day despite how prepared you think you may be but the joy it brings to my girls does make it worth it....I think!!!!!!!
This is the purse Lexi had patiently waited for weeks to get from Mom and Dad that she had spotted at Target. When asked what she wanted for her birthday, "that purse" is all she ever said.  I was hoping she would forget about it but at the end of the day when all was said and done she still said, "Mom, where is the purse you promised I would get for my birthday I've been waiting and waiting and still haven't opened it." I thought it would get brushed aside but she carried it with her and slept with it for a week.  Other highlight gifts were her princess story book from Kylee, her hands on purse book from Nana, Princess Belle nightgown from G-ma and G-pa and plenty more.
Alexis and her new friend Brynna from her preschool class that she absolutely adores and I was so thankful they were willing to come as it was our first time having her over...what a relief!

Alexis making sure her ice cream isn't too hot to eat!
The true Princess coming out in us!
The LOOK that tells all!  Thankfully Kylee is laughing at this picture now too.

My two darling Princesses.  I was thrilled Kylee was willing to dress up and get into it too.  She was so excited to be a big helper and tried her best to make Lexi's day special as she eagerly awaits her birthday in June.

I get teary eyed just thinking about my little girl who is growing up so fast and wish the stage she was in right now could last forever.  I love my little sidekick to death and am thankful for how many smiles and laughs she brings to me on a daily basis.  She is obsessed with dresses and would probably wear one every day if she could...but Mom needs to invest in more.  Oh, and it can't be any has to twirl!  We work hard on saving them for preschool days as those are the days she gets the most excited to wear them.  But if we are out running errands and she sees another little girl in a dress I without fail get asked why is that girl in a beautiful dress and I'm not.  I've come up with all sorts of excuses.  She also loves to wear her necklace and pick out a fresh pair of stick on earings.  She has more purses than any 4 year old I know and loves to have special treasures or collections in each one of them.  Remembering where she put them is a different story or where she put anything for that matter.  She couldn't keep track of her stuff if her life depended on it and apparently that is what Mom is for.  She is also my little singer...well both girls are but Lexi seems to always have a tune in her head...sometimes real and sometimes made up but rarely do you find her playing or hanging out without hearing her singing or humming something as she does.  She is following in her sisters footsteps for picking up on lyrics super fast.  We have some pretty entertaining car rides together as Lexi is belting in the backseat often to Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc.

Favorite Color:  Currently Purple
Food: loves Mac and cheese and could get excited for it daily especially when served in her princess bowl.  On the other hand, she hates cooked carrots to the point that I pick around them for her out of a mixed vegetable bag.
TV Shows:  Team Umizoomi and Dora (I love hearing her sing along or yell out the answers to the TV, especially, "abaho" on Dora which came out "a butt hole" awhile back)
Movies:  All...and gets excited to now go to redbox to get a new one for weekend movies and popcorn with Kylee.  Hates the "mean girls" as she calls them in the movies and has quite a tender heart on certain parts.  Latest love is Ramona and Beezus, Tangeled
* Not afraid to speak her mind and Kylee often gets Lex to do the talking in uncomfortable situations.
* Has the desire to make friends or have friends of her own.
* Really getting in to some make believe play especially through copying Kylee's every move which big sister often can't stand but we are all working on it.
* LOVES LOVES LOVES to bake with Mom and lick the batter bowl
* Obsessed with the Robertson girls and seeks to sit with them every Sunday.  Often has many people laughing with her hysterical honest comments.  For example, one dinner at the Robertson's home she was ready to get down from eating and Sky asked if she had eaten all her dinner.  She said, "yes" and he replied, "are you sure"  Lexi then pulled up her shirt to show off her big belly and said, "See look Dad!"
* Her laugh is the best and her grin gets me every time.
* Enjoys her books and purses and whatever her big sister is into
* I love hearing her try to tell me about her day at preschool especially now that she has made some friends and is finally excited to share.  Watching her walk out to the car gives me one of the best feelings

As I reflect back to how she entered this world I'm reminded how precious her life is and how truly grateful we are to have her in our family.  She is my little buddy and I cherish every cuddle and squeeze I get.  Sky and I are often in competition for them and I love often being the winner as the mommy daughter bond often wins!  We are still found burying our faces in the back of her head and wanting to just eat her up.  Her tender spirit is a blessing in our home every day and we love our little miracle!


Laura said...

What pretty princesses you have there and I get to have them at my house in a few days! Love the hair, love the dresses, love the cake, love the games, love the post! Way to go birthday planner!

Brooke said...

You are so creative! I will be doing a birthday party for my kids this year, and I will need all the help I can get:) Your girls are so beautiful!

Kelly Evanson said...

what a fun post!! is this what i get to look forward to with kendra? so different from boys!! so so cute!

Lexie said...

She looks so grown up in those pictures! Way to go on the party and the cake, it looks like a HUGE success!