Monday, January 28, 2008

On our way to Florida!

Well, I just wanted to say good-bye. We are escaping from the cold and heading to Florida for the next 5 weeks while Skylar does a rotation down there...pretty sweet. My parents are letting us stay in their condo just outside of West Palm Beach and we are so excited to hangout on the beach. Kylee has been talking about it non-stop and just can't wait. We absolutely love it down there as most of you know. However, we won't have a computer for the most part so we will update you when we get back and I'm sure Alexis will be crawling by then. She has an incredible reach and already wants whatever Kylee has. She has accomplished the scoot and we tried to catch it on video quickly since we know she will be crawling soon.

She is doing great and we are amazed at how quickly she is filling in the gap. She is 10 months old but to us only 7.


Cassie said...

Way to go Lexi!
It is so wonderful to see how healthy and happy she is. The girls are growing so fast and are cute as ever. Enjoy Florida! Need I say I'm Jealous!Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Miss you!

Abs said...

Hey! I got to your blog through Melanie and Dave's blog. Your girls are so cute and look very fun! How is residency going? Come check us out:

Angie said...


Okay, hope this isn't too weird, but I am pretty sure I was your EFY counselor way back when (maybe 1999?) and then we were counselors at the same time in 2001? Anyway, it's Angie...not sure if you remember me or not. I found your blog when looking at Allyson Croshaw's blog. We were in the same stake growing up. Anyway, Hi and you have a beautiful family. I'm married with 2 kids, 3rd coming in a few weeks. If you want to leave me message: