Monday, June 16, 2008

The Kylee Girl

I tried to post this on Kylee's Birthday but it just wasn't done in time. I've been down memory lane the last week looking at tons and tons of pictures. I don't know if this whole digital camera thing is the best situation for me since I have more pictures than I know what to do with and each little expression is great, so how do you erase any of them? This is a little montage of Kylee growing up so far. She loves watching these little videos and enjoys hearing the stories of what we were doing in each picture. Sky and I can't believe how fast she is growing up and feel privledged to be her parents. A few things have stayed pretty constant over the 4 years. Her great smile and laugh, her energy and always wondering what is next in terms of entertainment and thrill seeking, her desire to take care of or be concerned for others (i.e. all animals, creepy crawlers, babies, or anyone crying) and her constant love for life! It is neat seeing all she has learned in just 4 years!

Some of Kylee's Latest enjoyable Moments that make me laugh
- "Playing Primary" she sets up her own Primary at home with all my visual aides and does a dang good job imitating me from singing time or her teachers (Educational as I sit on the side listening in and hearing how much she actually remembers or is learning)
- Already starting to enjoy the love scenes in movies (a new favorite is lion king 2 when they sing to each other). Our first of many mommy daughter nights was last month watching "Enchanted" and she was hooked every minute. My side kick for chick flicks is in the making
- Still enjoys taking care of her babies (all 5 of them) good old me provided duplicates from my lovely garage sales so we would have plenty when friends come over to play but she is able to provide enough love for all of them as she has formed her own parking lot in her room with strollers and carseats. They each apparently belong to a certain one and go in a certain spot.
- Tickle wars and wrestling with Daddy which Lexi has now become a part of. Is there anything better than a little kids laugh?
- Planning out the schedule. She has always been very organized and loves to tell us the order of the next several things that are going to happen. "Ok guys, I have an idea..."


Parkinson Family said...

your videos are always so GREAT!

Dave and Mel said...

Her party looked awesome! She is such a beautiful, funny girl and we talk about her all the time still around here. Great video Cher- I'm sure Zanna and I will be watching it over and over again.

P.S. hey skylar- go Celtics!!!

The Thompsons said...

That was awesome!!! She is so have really good pictures in here. I love the one of Skylar throwing her in the air! You are amazing at making videos, will you make my girls some??? Well, hope your enjoying the beach!!!

Laura said...

How cute! Her party looked like it was a big success. Way to go. It was cool to look back on the last 4 years of Kylee's life like that and see how much she's changed and remember the memories. Keep doing those videos. Your kids will keep loving them through the years.

Natalie said...

Cheryl this is awesome. You know I love slide shows though :) It was you that got me started on them but you are still the master!

Dave and Mel said...

hey there- we just watched the video again and Zanna says, "We love it!" and James says, "I want to go to Hershey!" Hopefully we'll see you sometime soon:)