Thursday, December 18, 2008

How Far is too Far...

This time of year is just so much fun especially when you have a child who BELIEVES! Kylee is into it more than ever and I just wonder if it is possible to take it too far? Well, we are sure having fun with it. We have visited Santa's reindeer at Hershey Park twice already and man am I glad those employees are well trained. Kylee, remembered by the size of some of the antlers which reindeer was who based on what she was told from her first visit and even with different employees they had the same stories and the same identifications for the reindeer. I bet you didn't know that Cupid is Rudolph's best friend or that Rudolph's nose looks just like the others now but lights up and turns red on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed an early visit to Santa at the beginning of the season who with a little help from me asked Kylee if she always listens to her mother, eats her veggies, cleans up, etc. As we were leaving she whispered in my ear, "Mom, will you please tell Santa that I've been good." The rest of the evening was filled with, "Sure Mom...Ok Mom." On her bad days she is quick to tell me that she will do better tomorrow and when she does something kind or helpful she often remarks, "Mom, I bet Santa wrote that down." Oh, I want to be a kid again but it sure is fun being the parent right now too!
We've had a great time...
pulling out each x-mas decoration
counting down each day on our calendar & kiss tree
singing and teaching christmas carols
teaching Lexi HO HO HO
going to HP
bringing toys to the hospital
Ky collecting for the food drive
Watching "Frosty the Snowman"
dressing in red
Setting up the Nativity (Activity)
so much more and plenty to still come!


darcie said...

Childhood is so great, especially when you do believe and all the magic is there. Christmas is so fun. It is also great to threaten your kids to be good.

Dori said...

Christmas is so much more fun with kids!

Laura said...

So fun! You really live in a neat place. I am excited to have kids and relive some of the believing moments - they add so much to the holiday spirit and fun! A few days until I see you and your cute kids!

Mason said...

Hello Skylar Alsop! This is Mason Simons...from your MTC group. I just stumbled across your blog. You have a cute family. Looks like you have accomplished great things. I would love to have your email address and to keep in touch. Please email me at I also have a blog at
Most of the members of our MTC group also have pages on should join us.

Mason said...

Skylar...I also sent you a Christmas card to an address I found for you in Hummelstown, PA (on Merlin Drive). If that address is wrong can you please email me your correct address.