Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lexi's current choice of ATTIRE!!!

We are over joyed at how well Lexi's speech is coming along. We have an excellent speech therapist that comes to the house every week and it is sure paying off. She is now saying about 20 words and definitely understanding the need to communicate. She tries so hard and we've always been impressed with how hard she works when the therapist is here. We just love listening to her and cheering her on. Anyway, one of her recent new words that she picked up on all by herself is pooo (pool) as she found her bathing suit on her closet floor, a few weeks ago, which didn't fully get put away from our Florida trip. Apparantly, this kid remembers how much fun the pool was as she now asks for it every day. I thought this would die down after a couple of days but we are going on 2 weeks of daily asking for the "pooo" or "wa wa". I am breaking her sweet little heart when I say, "We can't, it is too cold" or "Sorry, Lex I don't have a pool." She begins to cry or get pretty frustrated over the situation. We finally one night just put the swim suit on over her clothes after she continually had brought it to us over and over. We didn't know how she would take it but apparantly we pleased her little heart. She was so excited as she began to rub her belly and prance around. This has begun to repeat itself over and over. We now keep her swimsuits in a place she can find them as Kylee is sick of her unloading her bottom drawer and carrying all of her swimsuits all over the house. (Ky's are now hidden on the top shelf) So, anyone aware of a good indoor pool? or any ideas? Yes, we've done the bath and yes she loves it but she also has become obsessed with the shower. I don't think I've taken a shower without my girls now in over 2 weeks. However, her excitement when she realizes we are getting in makes it totally worth it...dancing on the bathroom floor, grin from cheek to cheek, saying wa wa wa wa! Oh, how I love these moments and wish they could last forever. There is a nice indoor pool not too far but they want 12 bucks a person!!! I just couldn't believe it. Well, I at least have a great idea for her birthday in a few weeks. Oh, and yes that is her silky wrapped around her next...she loves that thing to pieces. Hmm, I wonder why?


Ruth said...

I am a member of the Y in Lebanon. It is a bit far for you but could be worth it. They have lessons starting up soon and free swim times as well.You should check it out. Or you could sneak into the local hotels...shhhh

Laura said...

That is too cute! I am so glad she is saying more words. I bet it is so fun to hear her as she has such an adorable voice. I love the pictures as they show her personality. I am sitting here with Tyler and told him that she probably wishes she could go to Arizona where the pool was an option all year. Have you tried your hot tub over at the club house? I know its not as healthy for little ones, but I don't know the rules.

The Harrises said...

I guess you need to tone down Florida slightly and stop having so much fun. It is very cute though!
I think she should try that for church.


PS I always think of you guys during March Madness. I wonder how many brackets your husband fills out and who is his selection. Then I remember how much your family adores Duke and how much he hates it and that makes me giggle.

Skylar said...

"Pool Madness" in March...........gotta love it!

JoAnna said...

So cute!!
I sent you an email today to your hotmail. It's the only one I have. Check it! And you will be forever appreciated for your help!!

Lindsay said...

Love the pictures...very cute! It makes me excited for's really just around the corner! :)