Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thankful the celebration is more than 1 Day!

As you can see, the mobs of people didn't stop Kylee and Addy from still filling their baskets at the local egg hunt put on by Hershey. We couldn't believe how many people showed up, many of which were tourists here for Spring Time at Hershey Park. Our little town was hopping with excitement over the weekend and we are always amazed at the attraction Hershey gets. I was nervous that we weren't even going to make it as my normal 5 minute drive to the outlets took over 10 and there wasn't a single parking space available.......THANK YOU so much MOM! Grandma bailed us out as the girls and I jumped out and she hunted for a spot to park.
We had a good time! Lexi was more focused with eating the candy as she went than trying to collect it and had a grin from cheek to cheek with each bite. Some of her top words currently are open, chocolate and candy. Kylee and I were pleasantly surprised when we saw bags of mini cadberry eggs on the ground which are both hers and my FAVORITE! I of course encouraged her to collect as many of them as she could and she definitely obliged...I think we came home with at least 15 bags.
We are just glad there is Easter Celebration going on more than one day! Alexis woke up early Easter morning throwing up for the first time. The poor girl proceeded to do so at least 10 more times throughout the day and spent a lot of her time resting like this. We were thankful my parents were intown and helped with a church swap so Sky and I could still fulfill our callings. Our energetic Lexi tried to be a part of as much as should could and was sad to see me slip the candy out of her eggs during our egg hunt and later in the day even threw up right in the middle of their basket hunting. She slept most of the day yesterday and is sleeping today away as well. When she is finally better we hope to repeat Easter for her and Kylee said she would be the Easter Bunny and hide eggs for her.
The two of them didn't wear their Easter dresses together but they had fun with their new tutu's that "crafty" mom (always with grandma's encouragement) made for them as an Easter surprise! Lexi still had some energy and we made the most of it. They were spoiled like always between a care package in the mail from Nana with fun toys, new fancy dogs with their own carry cases from grandma & grandpa and still Easter baskets as well. We started a new tradition that we hope the Easter bunny will carry on and that is sending Ky on a scavenger hunt with clues to find her Easter basket. It was just great watching Kylee, Aunt Heather, and Lexi go from clue to clue. Thanks Mom & Dad for coming up 2 weekends in a row. We love having you and will sure miss it next year. Hope you all had an excellent Easter!


Lindsay said...

Easter in Hershey sounds fabulous! Those tutus (and your girls!) are adorable!

Parkinson Family said...

love their tutus!!! so cute!

Brooke said...

Hershey seems like such an amazing place, especially around holidays. I am glad you have enjoyed your stay there. Your girls look so cute in their jackets. That is so sad Lexi got sick. I hope no one else in your family gets it. Cute tutus by the way!

Laura said...

I want to live in Hershey! The fun events just keep going there. I love the tutus. They are so darling. I miss your CUTE girls. I just don't see them enough for how quickly they change. Thanks again for helping my blog.

The Harrises said...

Sorry to hear that the little Miss was so sick on Easter of all things. I am glad to hear that you could fulfill your chorister calling. No one can take your place!