Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Good old me was hoping she would be on the late side for losing her teeth but instead we get to be on the early side! Kylee is of course thrilled and we've enjoyed all the excitement that continues to come with each new growing up experience. (I just wish these experiences didn't feel like they were coming so fast) The tooth fairy was also very excited about its first visit to our home! Mr. Tooth Fairy and Mrs. Tooth Fairy had some different opinions but finally met in the middle. This little tooth has been lose for about 2 weeks and was talked about so much that Skylar told Kylee that the tooth fairy brings more money the longer you wait patiently for it to be ready and are brave when I pull it out. Kylee followed these instructions and when Mrs. Tooth Fairy was ready to put $1 under the pillow Mr. Tooth Fairy said I was thinking like $5!!!!! "That is going to add up to be one expensive mouth over the next little while and do you really think you can give less the next time around. Gotta love these first parenting experiences as well. We met in the middle with $3 and I'm still wondering where the days of 50 cents went. The coolest thing the tooth fairy left was this darling tooth pillow that you put your tooth inside of so the tooth fairy can find it easily and it has a little log in the back to keep track of when you lost each tooth. This was left one night when Kylee's tooth was finally pretty lose with instructions to use it in the future and to make sure Kylee knew that the tooth fairy was aware that she was about to lose her first tooth. (This is so much fun sometimes especially when you find these cool ideas at a garage sale for 50 cents in its original packaging and never been used...I've been saving it for about 2 years!)
Kylee's Quotes
"How does the tooth fairy get in the house?"
"She is so magical I don't even feel it when she is under my pillow?" (little does she know she woke up the first time she tried)
"How can I become the tooth fairy?"
"Let's hurry and get to bed so the morning will come faster!"
"You were right Mom that it was gonna bleed, at first I didn't believe you, it tastes disgusting. Next time I want to wait a little longer so there won't be any gross tasting blood."

Why do they look so much older even after losing just one tooth? May the awkward silly looking mouth stage come slowly from this point forward or move quickly. Thank goodness Sky is around to pull them out or it would still be in her mouth as the whole thing makes me cringe and grosses me out!


Lindsay said...

Kylee seems to do everything early! She looks so cute with her new smile and it was fun to read about this big milestone. :)

Brooke said...

Cute post. Hailee lost her first tooth a few months ago, and has now lost three. I totally agree with you. Let the silly awkward mouth stage begin. It makes me so sad because I love baby teeth smiles. Where did you get that cute pillow? Great idea!

Nate and Jen Poulson said...

No way! Congrats Kylee. You have a ruch tooth fairy. Liam's only leave $1 maybe he should switch to yours?
His teachers are Miss Dupes and Miss Maceyko?

Dave and Mel said...

wow- go Ky! she is early and I'm sure it was so fun to make it such a big deal and I love the garage sale find- you get the best stuff!!

Oh, and by the way, yes- I did buy one and it is for me!!! May 11th baby :)

Parkinson Family said...

love the quotes!! shes adorable!

Camie said...

She looks so cute.

The Hershey Bryces said...

The toothfairly stuff is so fun :) Like you I siad $1 adn our Mr. Toothfairy said $5 so he compromised and the next morning, to my surprise, there was $6 under Bradyn's pillow!!