Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kylee's Haircut

Kylee finally agreed to go get her hair cut. She had a good 3 in. cut off. Ky lucked out by getting her mother's thin fine hair that looks pretty straggly on her the longer it gets. She has enjoyed having it grow longer and longer but it was just time for a healthy cut. We had it chopped yesterday without telling Daddy and Kylee was so excited to surprise him at the airport. She is enjoying her haircut but having a hard time with the fact that she can't hold onto her hair in the back and twirl it for her comfort. She is found doing this when riding in the car, watching TV, and going to sleep so this is causing quite the little adjustment for a day or two. But she has informed us that it will grow back. I've had a hard time grabbing a few pictures. Everything looks better in person so just come and visit. Hershey is a fun place in the summer and spring.


Jill Bowman said...

She looks so grown up!

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