Saturday, May 31, 2008


So, here it is. My first post. I had to get Cheryl’s permission, but what I witnessed last night has inspired me beyond words. The greatest team in sports is finally back in the NBA finals! I have waited 21 YEARS……….SERIOUSLY…….. for this moment!!!!!! One of my earliest childhood memories (I was 4 or 5) is of my father and I watching the Boston Celtics and falling in love with Bird, the Leprechaun, and that sacred parquet floor. I remember listening to Dick Stockton call the games like it was yesterday. There was nothing in sports like Bird vs Magic, the Celtics vs the Lakers and I lived and breathed every minute of it.
Watching Pierce and Garnett hit those amazing shots down the stretch last night, taking their place along side the Greats in Celtic history, was nothing short of ecstasy. Seeing them finally start to understand what it means to wear that Green jersey…wow…I have the chills all over! I can already hear the scream of the 20,000 Boston faithful chanting BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.! BEAT L.A.! Heck, I might just have to drive up to Boston and become part of history. I would give up my pinky fingers and a few other body parts for another Celtic Championship! Sports fans, it just simply doesn’t get any better than this.

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The Lloyds said...

I feel the passion. Bird was such an awesome player. I'm glad that the Cletics are back. I'm not necessarily a Cletics fan but I really want them to beat LA so I will be cheering with you.