Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Can we go to the Pond"

The pond has been waiting for us all winter long! Kylee is in all her glory again enjoying as much time as she can at the pond around the corner from our home. I can't begin to count the amount of hours we have spent there over the past few years. Sky and Ky have become very good at catching tadpoles, frogs, and fish. It was our quest last year to find the perfect net...which is currently a net ducktaped to a shower rod to give them the length they need...pretty clever I must say. The kids along our street have caught on to this fun adventure and Sky often has a crew that wants to go with him and Kylee now. We caught a little footage from our time there yesterday. Kylee has a smile from cheek to cheek when we are at the pond. There is so much excitement with each thing they catch. She often holds the frogs, tadpoles, fish and then we throw them back but we made an exception last night as we had a container for the frog. We thought it would stay in the garage but of course Ky was concerned he would be scared at night so he came in. He is currently in our home...making plenty of noise...and continuing to freak me out! When Daddy comes home the plan is to take the froggy back to his Mom and Dad!


Nate and Jen Poulson said...

I think Liam needs in on these frog catching adventures! That pond looks much prettier in the video than in real life. Nice cinematography.

Our Four Sons said...

Tyler and Jared watched this video and said, "I didn't know girls touched frogs!!!" I guess they have a lot to learn about girls.