Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gifford Pinchot State Park

We are continuing to have a blast with our friends here in Hershey. I'm so thankful for the fun activities we are able to be apart of especially during these summer months. This past week me and 6 ohter crazy and exciting Mom's decided to take off with our 13 kids (all 5 and under)and leave our husbands behind for an afternoon at a nearby lake and an evening by "our own" campfire. For awhile there we wondered if we would ever eat our tin foil dinners or have a fire that would last us through the evening...yes we successfully finally did! We definitely know how to pose! Thanks to the self timer we got a GREAT group shot. (Apparently, I'm ready for Prom)
We also got some killer looks from those passing by. You'd think no one had ever seen 7 ladies with 13 tiny children all at one campsite having a blast together before.
What a group! Despite the millions of mosquito bites and getting lost on the way there we had a blast. I was able to leave Alexis home and hang out just with Kylee. We all know Lexi would have been on the go non-stop and wanting everything to do with the fire. Kylee had a great time romping around the campsite, cooking on the fire, catching lightning bugs, going on adventures with the flashlights, staying up late, and riding in our friends minivan.
Somehow, I became the official tinfoil dinner cooker and am glad for all those past camping experiences. I enjoyed the smores and Kylee enjoyed just her plain uncooked marshmellows and chocolate. Apparently, the fire was too hot and it was more fun exploring the campsite. She only lasted a minute trying to cook her hotdog before she handed the scewer over to me saying, "my face is getting way too hot!" We had a good time together. Most of my friends have already blogged about this fun adventure and awesome crazy day. I just always seem to be the slow one. We enjoyed our mini camping experience but next time I'll go for the husbands cooking the meals so we can lounge around even more. I love living here in Hershey and can't believe we have already started our last year. I'm not ready to leave and guess it's time to pack in as much as possible in the next year. I don't want to have to say good-bye to my awesome friends.


Dave and Mel said...

I am impressed!!! this looks like it was so fun (I heard about it before and thought you were all crazy :) But, it looks like it worked out great and I'm glad you are having so much fun- I do still miss it there a lot!!

Natalie said...

wow you crazy Hershey ladies! That looks like a riot. I am missing Hershey to even before I saw these pictures.

Parkinson Family said...

thats so fun of all the moms to go and do that, oh and i totally recognize jen poulson from new orleans, thats so funny

The Harris' said...

Oh! I'm so glad you Hershey girls are still taking adventurous trips. I hope I would have been invited to the roast if I was still there. Looks like it was a good time.
Kylee is getting big. Tell her father that she'll be playing for Duke any year now.

Miss Amy said...

WOW!!! Cheryl! It's amy scerra. i haven't seen you in years!! your family is beautiful! you look fantastic... you haven't changed at all! :) what adorable little girls you have. i saw your link on Laina's page, and I had to check it out!! I have a blog too, I think you can just link to it from here, right? if not, it's http://missamyscerra.blogspot.com

hope to keep in touch :)

Riding Ramblings said...

You gals are amazing and I'm super jealous I couldn't be there with all of you! Way to make it a big success with your tinfoil dinners!