Saturday, October 4, 2008

Annual Utah Trip PART 1

After a long day of traveling we made it to Nana's house (Sky's Mom) and the girls were instantly in heaven. Lexi became comfortable quickly as she used Bovy (the dog) as her personal pillow. This kid just can't get enough of animals and has no fear at all...not even a huge pit bull will turn her away. Bovy abliged nicely and allowed Lexi to follow him around for 5 days patting, tackeling, lying on, walks, etc. Kylee meanwhile was Nana's side kick. She loves her "Nannie" to death and they were constantly checking on the cats, doing multiple crafts, collecting fruit, telling silly stories, walking to the playground and sitting side by side. Where ever one went the other followed. We all know where Skylar was....GOLFING! During our 5 days in Logan he managed to fit in 3 rounds of golf with his Dad.

We spent a fun filled evening at the Logan Fun Park! (old stomping ground for a few of our dates) We even got grandparents into the play structure to add to the fun. It was non-stop action for Kylee from slides, to arcade games and even roller skating. She was spoiled with non-stop entertainment the entire trip.

A trip with Skylar's family is never complete without a little bowling. Following in the footsteps of Uncle Ry Ry and Grandpa Ted, Kylee is becoming quite the little bowler. Check out this form! Are you proud Ry Ry or what? We spent a late night at Logan Lanes but Kylee showed no signs of being tired and asked for another game. "Are these the right fingers mom?" We had a great time with Aunt Jenny, Uncle Tommy and the entire group.

We of course made it out to Grandpa Ted's for an evening which was filled with more constant entertainment. This crew is frequently found around the table playing Texas Hold'em and the girls found entertainment on the trampoline, riding the four wheeler, climbing trees or Lexi hugging baby Cache.
All these moments remind us how hard it is to be away!


The Magic Family said...

Looks like a fun trip and it is so nice that you guys are able to come out every year! We wish that we would have been able to see you, but we understand that time with the family is so limited! Your girls are getting to big and they are so beautiful!

darcie said...

It was fun to see you guys. Hayden didn't mind at all. I have to remind her that she also does that to people to (follow them and want them to play)