Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesterday we celebrated Skylar's 32nd birthday. There was a time when I was slightly worried about our age gap but there are many reasons now that I'm thankful for it. Most importantly no matter how old I get he always makes me feel young. (Thanks Honey!!!!) However, I must add he definitely doesn't look 32. We had a great day and Kylee was so excited to prepare and celebrate his birthday.
Some of her quotes from the day included..."Today is a special day for me because I have to get things ready for Dad's birthday." "Mom, why do we celebrate Dad's birthday today?" Which led to a great chit chat and explanation. My favorite was when I was frantically trying to come up with something for him to open and turned to Kylee asking her for some advice on what to get Dad. Her reply was, "Well, we just gave my friend the chalk drawler...I have lots of baby dolls but he probably won't want that...he does like football alot...we could get him a football about that?" We had a great day making cake, hiding gifts, bringing and eating lunch at the hospital with sky, running errands, and even fitting in a dinner the two of us thanks to the help of our friends.

I just wanted to say Thanks again to Sky for the role he plays in our family. All of these family moments make life worth every moment. Which brings me to another point for this po
st. Ammendment 8, through many e-mails I've become more aware of the drastic effects this does have on my own little family. I never thought we would have to be worried about protecting marriage and securing the value of family. I'm thankful for my beliefs and just wanted to share this song with you that Janice Kapp Perry has put out in support of Ammendment 8. I think she did a fabulous job with the song and you all know how much I love little things like this. Hope you enjoy too and give a little extra hug to your family today.
Song to Support Ammendment 8!


Cassie said...

Happy Birthday to Skylar! Dan's approaching the big 31 and I always tease him about being older. Now I can make him feel better by reassuring him that Skylar is older! Loved reading your posts about Utah. Looks like you had a blast. Let us know next time you're out and we'll see if we could make a trip up north the same time! We sure do love and miss you guys. Oh, by the way my little sister Emily went on a date with Skyler's brother the other day. Funny connections huh!

darcie said...

Happy Birthday Skylar, I hope you had a great day.

Ryan said...

Yep, Sky makes me feel young too :) And I love the pictures!! Especially of the horses and Bowling ;)

Our Four Sons said... husband is only 31! You married a real oldie! Ha ha! Just had to get that jab in there! Sure wish we lived closer... then us young 'uns could hang out and the old fogies could hang out together!

Parkinson Family said...

happy birthday
p.s. i tagged you, check my blog for details