Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little More Halloween

Hershey never has trick-or-treating on Halloween! I know, totally weird but now we are actually used to it. This year we spent the night before Halloween trick-or-treating and the actual night was spent at Hershey Park in the dark. We are trying to get all we can out of our final season passes. We have more memories than I can count in this amusement park and aren't sure what we are going to do when it is no longer just a 5 min. drive away.
It began with a Candy Hunt at the Hershey Outlets and then we proceeded on to our trick -or-treating. We got a great head start from the hunt as you can see. Candy is just covering the ground and it is a free for all within different age groups.
Ky overflowed her pumpkin would then dump and head out for more. As you can see the costume changed back to the pink dragon for the evening.
Lexi caught on fast and had a great time collecting candy. However, she would pause after each piece to eat it before wanting to collect more. We were happy a few pieces at least made it in the pumpkin. She enjoyed hanging out by the side lines eating almost the entire time. This was also the case trick or treating. She only made it a few houses due to the Lexi food fit that followed each candy collection. It was just not acceptable to her to place the candy in the pumpkin and move on. She sure let us know that she was miserable from being deprived that one piece of candy.
Like always we had a great night being parents and are sure glad kids keep you young. We had fun watching Ky get into her element and going at her pace for awhile as Lexi slept peacefully at home with Nana Linda.


darcie said...

Wow! I think it was more like a candy dump than a hunt. What will you do with it all?

The Magic Family said...

Your girls look so cute in their costumes! I love Halloween just to see little kids in their costumes!

Lindsay said...

Your kids look so cute Cheryl!
I love their costumes!
Halloween is such a fun time of year... :)

Parkinson Family said...

that looks like fun! cute costumes too!