Friday, November 7, 2008

Our PreSchool Guru

I never did a beginning of the school year post but Kylee is thoroughly enjoying her time at preschool. Last year I received a good squeeze and an "I love you Mom" as my timid girl entered the room. Now all I get is a, "I'm going in Mom, see you later" as she quickly hangs her bag up. She is growing up soooo fast and is excited about life. One of her most asked questions is, What are we doing today? This girl lives for action and lately to be with friends. Playing with Mom and Dad just doesn't cut it all the time anymore. Instead of taking these great breaks from friends being over I tend to find myself listening in as I love hearing their creative conversations and make believe play. (We all know how much she thinks through things and verbalizes everything)
Skylar was having a conversation with his Dad the other day about all Kylee is into and how she just goes constantly. His response was, "You know you are really just watching yourself grow up!"
I enjoyed getting a little peak into her classroom as the parents got to join them for their Halloween songs. Watching Kylee with her gang of girls is quite the site. She loves hanging out wtih Lindsey who apparently helps her show her true colors as we hear Kylee is quite shy around the teachers or in group settings....shocker to me!


darcie said...

I always think it great when there are friends that can take the demands off of entertaining your kids constantly. Sometimes I take it for granted.
Her school looks fun. Preschool is the best.

Cassie said...

Stop Growing Kylee! I can't believe how big your beautiful girls are! We sure miss you. Is this really your last year in Hershey? Where next?

Parkinson Family said...

shes so cute! and that is nice that you guys get to go and be there for things like that and get to take pictures too!