Monday, January 12, 2009

Raise the Kiss!

It is only suiting that on New Year's Eve in Hershey they raise the KISS and then follow it with a fun firework show. I know I've said it over and over but I just love the little things they do in this town and am going to miss them when we leave. Well, it was freezing FREEZING cold new year's eve with the horrible PA wind on top of that and we almost wimped out. We had about 15 minutes to spare until 12 and I insisted on going. We made it to the square in time for the celebration thanks to our perfect illegal parking spot and my parents staying home with the girls! With more effort than you would think we finally pulled off a group shot. I first apparently asked a person who was hard of hearing or just didn't want to bail us out and then an older gentleman was willing but it wasn't till about 6 tries that he finally remembered the right button to push. I think he did a pretty good job and I guess the message is...cherish this picture! We were sure glad that Laura and Tay made it to Hershey for a few days as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!


Laura said...

Yeah, I am so glad we did that and that you are on the ball with posting things on your blog.

Miss Amy said...

you guys look great, even in that freezing weather!! after utah, i was SO over the cold weather, i gave away all my winter coats... determined to never live in a climate like that again! so far, i've been doing pretty well. vegas, miami, now phoenix :) However, vacations home to NY tend to be a little chilly without my big fluffy coats... ;/

Parkinson Family said...

the raise the kiss thing is cute! and thats fun that you got to see all the family!