Friday, January 9, 2009

X-mas came and went

Sometimes I feel like there is so much preparation, planning, excitement, work and then snap the day is over. Thank goodness all that time leading up to Christmas is fun and well worth it. We finally just finished putting all the decorations away after Kylee gave many of them a kiss good-bye. When we told her it was time to take stuff down she replied, "oh dang, why does christmas have to be such a short holiday?" (ha ha) We had a great one and before I move on I have to go back and recap.

As I mentioned before Kylee was just so much fun this year as she got into everything! It was just a riot watching her sprinkle food out on the lawn for the reindeer, assuring her that Santa knew she was at Grandma's house, and watching her write her own letter to him with the cookies.
These were our darling girls christmas morning. As always Grandma (oops santa) did an amazing job arranging all the gifts. Kylee was very excited to have gotten a new chair and quickly passed the old pink one onto Lexi. You all know how much Kylee uses her chair and Lexi is the same way. They now each have one and they continue to get used daily.
We began with stockings on G'pa & G'ma's bed following our childhood tradition. Lexi was more concerned with any kind of food she could find in hers and once discovered gave up on searching for anything else. Here she is with her mouth full as she often is. Ky, was just amazed at how much could fit in there and just kept pulling out.
Both girls were spoiled rotten as always between all their grandparents and Santa but don't worry there was no complaining going on. Kylee's highlights were her Barbie's, her own Barbie laptop (way to go Mom), Magformers from Nana which Ky and G-pa had a blast with (very clever Linda) and her own copy of Pinkalicious. I could go on and on......
Lexi luckily made it through the day as she got pretty sick the day after but she is always a trooper. She couldn't get enough of her OWN TALKING baby doll and her horsey! (thank you) She actually still has a gift or two to still open which I guess we will keep on reserve.
We are SO glad my sister Laura and her husband Taylor made it out for Christmas. They of course added to the party! Ky, loves the energy Uncle Tay brings and has become Laura's little shadow. They had a great time baking together and talking about the little girl in Laura's tummy. Kylee's wish is to be a Mom already and took great care of Laura's belly. She was a little worried about me giving some of her baby clothes to her and wanted to make sure we were keeping some for her baby one day.
Nothing better than the holidays with family!

Ky has been obsessed with her Christmas jammie's and still wearing them every night. At this rate we may still be celebrating x-mas in the spring!

Oh, and x-mas morning is even more complete when you accomplishing getting an expression like this from parents who in my opinion are hard to shop for. We got um with a perfect family collage from our reunion this past summer.


Laura said...

See, you are fantastic at journaling! It looks great and sounds perfect. I had fun remembering, so thanks! We really did have a good Christmas!

darcie said...

Looks like your christmas was great. Ted told me you guys are headed South. I guess I should have gotten your address this year and sent you a Christmas card.
Its so great when barbies and babies are all they want.

Lindsay said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Your girls are so darling!

Dave and Mel said...

Awesome pictures! you guys know how to party and I am so excited Laura is pregnant- good stuff.