Wednesday, May 13, 2009


1. Jumping back into a warm cozy bed knowing you still have a few hours to sleep after you had to get up to go the bathroom.
2. Rediscovering the world from a 2 year olds perspective.
3. A hot chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream on top
5. How GREEN pennsylvania is and beautiful Spring days

Things I'm Dreading this week but HOPE go REALLY well and have an AWESOME outcome!
1. Preparing for and Taking family pictures
2. Leaving Sky alone while he continues to study for the Boards
3. Having our home immaculate for another Open House
4. Waking up early for Garage Sales
5. Saying Good-bye to some great friends


[AnnieR] said...

Don't worry your pretty little head over Section 2 #1. We may have to reschedule, though, if the weather keeps this nonsense up. I'll call you.

The Harrises said...

How are the moving preparations going? I'm starting to dread the same things. I've told myself that I need to do something everyday to get ready for the move because I'm just sick about moving from here that it makes me unmotivated. Hope your doing better than I am.