Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch out Ky...Tattle tale Lexi in the making...

I feel like I have to preface this by saying Kylee and Alexis have an amazing relationship and it is so much fun watching them on a daily basis interact with each other. It is special to see Kylee watch over her sister, listen to them laugh and watch Lexi being Kylee's little shadow. Lexi just lights up when she gets time with Kylee and is a whole other person on the mornings Kylee doesn't have preschool.

Now with all of this comes the beginning of the "love hate" relationship, the "I had it first" line over and over or Kylee giving Alexis stern instructions that she must follow or Kylee gives her a consequence...Why does she think she is the mother? (I can't wait to watch her be one down the road)

I've been worried about teaching certain gospel principles and the other day had this...

SCENE: Kylee and Alexis playing trains downstairs while I'm working on the computer. Ky's frustration rising as I hear Lexi constantly messing up the track.

Alexis: Hysterically crying as she comes up the stairs to me..."Mom Mom Mom"
Mom: "What happened sweetheart?"
Alexis: pointing to head "Kyie, Kyie"
Mom: Did Kylee hit you?
Alexis: "Yeah"
Mom: (yelling down the stairs) "Kylee what happened?!!!!!"
Kylee: "Be quiet, I'm saying a prayer for Heavenly Father to forgive me for hurting Lexi!"

What do you say next? Looks like all that Easter discussion maybe did pay off. Unfortunately we did have similar situations repeat over the last few days with not nearly the same reaction but hey it is in there somewhere and now Ky must beware of her tattle tailing sister who won't let her get away with anything.

Next scenario looking for some help on...

Today all of a sudden Kylee's eye begins stinging and hurting
Kylee: "Ouch, my eye is hurting really really bad!"
Mom: "Ok, I'll be there in a second"
Kylee: "Dear Heavenly Father please help my eye to stop hurting" (I'm impressed)

She proceeds to wash it out with water and I look inside and tell her to put a wet wash cloth on it.

Kylee: "Why isn't Heavenly Father answering my prayer?"
Mom: "Sometimes it doesn't happen right away"
Kylee: "But I thought he was magical and it is still hurting really bad"

With a little bit of time I did explain that some answers come quickly and others may take awhile. Later that evening her eye was fine and we did point out that her prayer was answered. What do you do when it's not? I know some of mine are taking a LONG time. I just think the faith of a little child is amazing and love watching little pieces of the gospel come together for them.


Brooke said...

Those are such sweet stories. I love seeing the faith our little kids have. Your girls are so adorable, and I am glad they are buddies. There is nothing better then sisters.

Lindsay said...

I bet your girls are so funny and cute together! I love the story!

Andrea said...

Hey, been catchin' up with you guys via your blog. Sound like you are doing well. I can relate to your FL addiction. I just LOVE it here in AZ. We are outside all the time. And in AZ there are very few clouds. But after July it is back to winters as we are moving to Ogden/SL area. Jer got a job with an EMed group up there. I'm way excited to move on, but it's bittersweet, as you can relate. Where are you two headed off to next? I saw your house is up for sale.

Andrea said...

As of today it looks like we are moving to Layton. Jer will be working at McKay Dee, LDS, and IMC EMed rooms. He's with a group that contracts with many of the hospitals in the valley. Kylie looks so big too! I love her little prayers - sooo cute. Charlotsville, Cool, that will be a fun adventure for you guys. I remember hearing about Lexie from Katie Bigler, I'm so happy for you guys that she pulled through what a miracle! Keep in touch and good luck selling your house!

Miss Amy said...

i laughed so hard reading this!! you must be proud AND entertained! :)

Jill said...

You handled it perfectly. My favorite was when Ky was asking you to be quiet because she was asking for forgiveness...she is a step ahead of my kiddos!

Laura said...

Thanks for the good laugh and bringing tears to my eyes. That is just so sweet! Can't wait to see you guys.

Dave and Mel said...

great story, funny and sweet- Kylee always cracks me up!