Sunday, July 19, 2009

Time to Retire a Cherished Member of our Team

"THE NET" lived a great life and was used to its fullest. It was the means of providing tremendous joy and excitement to not only one little girl but an entire family...even extended family and friends. Many of you may remember getting to spend a little time with "THE NET"

"THE NET" was a true companion to the Alsop team and as we headed out on adventures, normally to the pond one was always found saying...."Don't forget THE NET" After 3 long years it now shows rips, algae, rust and bends. The shower rod with a pet store net duck taped to its end will now be laid to rest. However, let's not forget all the wonderful things it has caught in its life.

It began its journey capturing tadpoles and quickly graduated to frogs and fish. In its later years it captured, butterflies, dragonflies, a toad and most recently even a baby bunny. As Kylee runs through the door, "Mom you'll never guess what we've caught!" I continue to be amazed and surprised.
The girls need assistance from "THE NET" for those creatures but just use their hands for worms, Roley pollies, crickets, fireflies, slugs, caterpillars or any other creepy crawler....and I once thought this stuff was just for boys!!! WOW was I kidding myself. Unfortunately, despite how much catching is going on there are still no pictures of me holding any of them and hopefully never will be.

Here are a few pictures from our most recent adventures. The bunny was an absolute highlight as Kylee sat outside for at least an hour holding and taking care of it like Kylee would. I wonder if capturing adventures will continue in Virginia or if we will find a hidden pond close to our new home...time to move on to new adventures.


The Harrises said...

I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to your beloved friend. There are new nets at the store. I know it will not be the same. Maybe you can find another one at a garage sale with a little more character. Just trying to give you some hope.

Lindsay said...

those pictures are seriously so sweet! (not the one of the gross net, but the ones of the cute girls :) )
I've been getting updates on you guys thru Dave thru Skylar...good luck with everything!!! I can't wait to hear about your adventures in VA. :)

hoday said...

Ugh, I know the feeling of having a husband and kids who love to catch creatures.... my girls, however, just like to LOOK at them and not touch. Seriously. I've never seen any kid (boy or girl) quite like Ky (and now Lexi too). She is so brave and such an animal lover. Hmm Maybe veterinary school. Oh, and I really wouldn't trust any other kid with Jazzy like I do Ky. We'll miss you but will have to be content checking up on your adventures online.

Nate and Jen Poulson said...

We miss you already!

Laura said...

How sad! Has Kylee found a new place to catch creatures? Those are really sweet pictures besides what the girls are holding - I guess the bunny is cute.

Lexie said...

Your net totally cracks me up and I think we might have to invest in one like it. I am so impressed that she caught a baby bunny, that is adorable!