Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We made it to Rupert Idaho...and more!

After a long 3 months of waiting and a long day of traveling the Alsop's made it to Rupert, Idaho...a place I never knew I would ever visit in my life and now will take several trips there. My little sister married into the Duncan family and recently moved to Idaho. The 1st item of business was to meet darling little Peyton! We couldn't get enough of her. Kylee put her mothering skills into full action and helped everywhere she could, Lexi was often found saying, "I hold you", "I hold you" and I eagerly awaited my peaceful time with her in the evenings when my girls were in bed. It was so neat seeing my little sister as a Mother and am glad she had a daughter so I can relive moments and see some of my girls clothes on Peyton. Thanks Laura, for letting me steal her away on several occasions to rock her to sleep. She is absolutely precious!
But this wasn't all...Laura and Taylor had a ton of entertainment to offer (with a little help from Taylor's parent's...thanks by the way) since the closest mall is 40 min away! The second item of business was getting us out on the Snake River on the waverunners and boat! I love this little toy so much and have gotta get me one someday! (hint hint) The girls had a blast and even Lexi would ask to go again. I thought she'd be pretty timid especially with all the wind but as long as she was with her Mommy she was ready for the ride. Kylee was all about being in the driver seat and has always been one of Laura and Taylor's sidekicks.
The weather cooperated enough for Daddy to show off for his girls! It has been 4 years since Sky has been skiing and I wouldn't have ever known except for his tired body that just couldn't hold on any longer. Ky loved seeing him out there and got right into holding the flag up like I knew she would. We stayed warm on the boat and watched the boys have fun! Thank you Uncle Taylor for pulling this off !

Let's also not forget the heated indoor pool and hot tub which were the perfect temperature and had all the toys we needed including 2 basketball hoops to help keep Sky entertained. I think we swam almost everyday there.
Last but not least was getting acquainted with the Duncan farm. I have never seen so many COWs in my life! Once getting over the smell I was fascinated by the whole milking process and how trained a cow can be but also how scared they are as well. They ran away so fast if we even got close but Kylee was actually pretty patient and sure enough became friends with many of the baby cows who timidly let her pet and feed a few.
"Now that's a whole lot of Utters"

Our favorite were of course the "JERSEY COWS" These are the brown ones and Uncle Tay almost had Ky convinced that they make chocolate milk.

Oh, and a tractor ride on the biggest tractor ever!

A new baby wasn't enough to add to their family. We also met their puppy Dash who provided plenty of entertainment during our stay. Kylee was often found like this...stroller in one hand and Dash on the other. Ky and Lexi went out to check on him morning noon and night. Our hope that an energetic, jumpy and nipping puppy would turn her away from wanted one didn't work. It did cause Lexi to constantly say, "He get me" as she became a quick target since they were about the same size.
Thanks Laura and Tay for a great time. Seeing you guys really was our main goal but all the extra entertainment sure sweetens the trip. Don't worry we will be BACK!

We then moved on to Logan for a few days and as always had a great visit filled with non-stop activities. Keeping with tradition the boys got their golfing in, Kylee and Lexi got plenty of time with Nana and attended to her cats and dog, a little bowling, great meal at Cafe Rio, Jamba Juice, temple and plenty of games and laughs in the evening as a family!A few new events were celebrating Ryan's b-day2x, hitting Summer Fest, seeing Aunt Jenny pregnant and going to a new farm with Nana where the girls had an absolute blast. They enjoyed many pony rides, milking a cow for the first time, feeding the chickens, holding a baby duckling and hoping it would make it back to its mommy safely, searching for gold, feeding the goats and the highlight was the baby kittens one of which Kylee took under her wing and again was faced with the trauma of having a mother who is allergic. This child thinks she is so deprived and wants a pet kitten or puppy more than anything in the world....Her parents want nothing to do with one more than anything in the world!!! Any suggestions? She held this cat as long as she could and looked like she was in heaven.
No Utah trip is ever complete without a reunion with Kelly Mae (great-grandpa's horse) Kylee has now been visiting Kelly Mae since she was 2 and this time was given the nickname, "Queen of the Mae" by great-grandpa! Lexi eats these visits up as well and you all know what animal lovers my girls are.

We know we received help pulling this little ride off as it was our last day there and it had been pouring rain all morning. We headed down to SL just hoping and praying their would be a break in the rain for the girls to spend time with great grandpa and Kelly Mae. He goes to such efforts to pull this off and are pretty sure he won' t be bringing the horse up anymore. As we pulled in the rain began to let up and as soon as the horse was ready it stopped. Each girl got a nice little ride and as soon as the last thing was put away we had another down pour for most of the evening. We are truly grateful for the time we got in and these special memories.


The Newcomb's said...

Wow, your trip really sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad it didn't just consist of the Grist Mill :-)
All the animals and fun kids things. I love wave runners too and would love to have some. I was good to see you guys again and good luck with all your house stuff and moving.

The Thompsons said...

How fun... See isn't Idaho GREAT??? Wanna move there someday and be neighbors???? :) I'm glad you had fun... I have tried to avoid your blog because seeing Kylees birthday party almost made me cry... We miss you guys like crazy and hope all is well!

Skylar said...

Utah and Idaho are great! We all know who has to be convinced.......

Laura said...

I love the cow shots you got (I hadn't seen them yet) and I am glad your girls got to milk a cow still and ride Kelly Mae! I loved reading your blog and looking at all the cute pictures reflecting on the good time we had. I am glad you are ok to come again. I guess your Utah trips will have to give your girls their animal fix and meanwhile embrace the toad and other creatures they continue to find.

Lindsay said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! You guys sure fit a lot in...everything looks so fun! I love the cute cow pictures, and the horse pictures...and I'm jealous of you guys in the waverunner pictures! :) Your new little neice is beautiful too. Your girls must have loved every second of that trip. :)

Dave and Mel said...

wow- what a trip! we just got back too and I need to blog about our adventures. It looks like you might be moving to Rupert it was so fun :) ? I thought of you when we were in Idaho and we'll have to chat soon 'cause maybe we'll be living in ID someday! hope all is well- mel

clintandleximorgan said...

Wow...you guys had an amazing trip!! Did we ever tell you that Clinton lives right outside Rupert! His high school was in Rupert (I think)...kinda cool. Anyway...how is the moving coming along?

hoday said...

Good job accomplishing this major post! What a great time you had! I especially loved seeing great grandpa and Kelly Mae again. (I love grandpas). The second I saw the pic, I remembered seeing them last year.

Laura said...

Darling Family Picture - The Alsop Sandwich never fails (you are looking stylin too)! I love the individual shots of the girls - Kylee with the flower and Lexi with the umbrella - precious!

The Thompsons said...

Okay Sky work on Cheryl and I will do my best to persuade her as well...How fun would it be to all go water skiing together?? Actually I think we just need to convince Grandma and Grandpa Hockinjas (okay I have NO IDEA how to spell your maiden name Cheryl..sorry) to come out then there would be no reason to be back east:) WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!

Brooke said...

Your family trip looked like a lot of fun. Is your sister living on a farm in Rupert then? Jeff is really allergic to cats and dogs as well. The puppy thing isn't an issue because one was a bit too hyper around Hailee, so she is completely scared of dogs. She did ask once if she could have a kitten, but we told her daddy would die if we got one. That ended that. Kylee seems to adore animals. What a sweetie. Great pictures!

SugaBuga559 said...

You have a loving Family. I hope when my husband goes to the Army we can be able to do more Family trips to keep us close..I love ur girls costumes I also have two girls I love dressing them alike..