Thursday, June 11, 2009


Kylee has anxiously waited for her PINKALICIOUS PARTY for months and loved every minute of it!

Required attire was Pink and every decoration and accessory followed even down to the strawberry cupcakes, pink wafers, pink lemonade, pink table cloth and utensils.

It was fun watching Kylee get involved with the planning as she organized each of the goody bags, hung the streamers, helped make the cupcakes, set up for the craft and sat by the front door eagerly awaiting her friends arrival!

Our home was filled with 12 energetic little girls who had a blast having there own dance party and attacking Kylee's Uncle Ryan (sky's family was in town and added to our exciting day) I hope to add a little video clip of this attack soon.
- Our craft was decorating pink crowns
- We had pink fruit roll-ups hanging from pink ribbon that the girls had to eat with their hands behind their backs.
- We played clean your room as socks were thrown back and forth between the divided room
-Cake walk where each girl received a pink gel filled princess ice pack
-Attack of the pink silly string
-Wrap Kylee's Dad in pink streamers as he forgot to wear pink to the party.
-Pink goody bags filled with pink contents
Even Lexi got into the party and kept up with the excitement ! I love their matching PINK dresses and continue to have a blast being their mother. Kylee has matured so much over the last year and we can't get over how old she is getting. She wasn't shy a bit at her party and we loved watching how polite she was to each of her friends as she eagerly greeted each one, said thank you and gave hugs after the presents and made an effort to thank each one for coming.

Days like this are sure rewarding and I'm truly blessed to have a daughter like Kylee.

I love this PINKALICIOUS girl to pieces and am glad we pulled off a memorable party!


Lindsay said...

What an awesome and adorable idea for a little girl pary! It looks like it was a blast...and your girls are so beautiful in their pink dresses! :)

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Kylee!!!
(I meant to say that in my last comment. :) )

Parkinson Family said...

oh how fun! everything looks great! and their matching dresses are adorable! happy birthday!!

Dori said... has been a while since I have seen so much pink in one spot! I realize how NOT into colors my boys are but I have frequently been asked to have a Ben 10 party or a Bakugan you don't know what those are!
I am very impressed with that amazing party! Kylee has a great mom!

JoAnna said...

What a fun fun fun party!! I love all those ideas! And those dresses are positively adorable!

Heidi said...

Go Cheryl! Cute party and loved the picture at the end with you and Kylee! You look great...and Kylee looks so grown up. Hope all is well.

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Kylee! I am in shock at how big she is getting and just wish I could squeeze her. Alexis looks so adorable and I am also in shock at how big she is getting. Cheryl, you look gorgeous as always and I miss you too! What fun that we both did pinkalicious parties. I meant to post about it a month ago when we did it but I don't think you needed any ideas. Yours was so darling and looked perfectly pinkalicous! Miss you!

Laura said...

The party looks like it turned out so well. Hope you and Kylee don't mind when I copy it one day. Everything looks picture perfect. The outfits, the cupcakes, the games, the crowns ... I am very impressed. Kylee's hair looks adorable too by the way. You are taking after mom with memorable birthday parties.

Brooke said...

I love the "pink" theme you had for Kylee's party. What a great idea! I am also impressed how you survived with twelve girls! Your girls look so cute in their matching dresses. I bet it is a lot of fun matching the two of them. I am definitely coming to you for ideas when Hailee has a party.

Dave and Mel said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KYLEE!!! Nice job Cher- that looks like it was an amazing party!

hoday said...

Great job on the party! I can't believe how many amazing games and activities you had for them. I'll have to consult you when I have our next party =) Great job on the cupcakes too!

Lexie said...

What a cute idea, it looks like such a fun party - way to go!