Sunday, June 7, 2009

Worth a millon bucks in more ways than one!!!!

Thank you thank you..... :)
Even though Skylar flew out the morning of my B-day for boards he made up for it BIG time! This little gift bag held numerous minutes of the most amazing relaxation. I was at the Hershey Spa from 9AM-4PM on Saturday soaking in every moment....60 min deep tissue massage, steam room, lounge chair by the pool, hot tub, 2 showers, chocolate, amazing views, multiple cat naps and I could go on and on! Thank you Sky, Thank you Sky, THANK YOU! Is it horrible to want this every month? Don't worry half the time he was out golfing with his Dad and brother and it was his Mother who had the girls most of the day so I owe a thank you to Linda as well.

Of course the day after receiving this gift was a lesson at church on Provident Living and the guilt set in. I've avoided splurging and just going earlier due to the cost and Sky knew I'd never go spend it on my own. My smart husband bought a non-refundable gift certificate and assured me it was a GIFT! However, I think for medical reasons (a mother's own sanity) I should get a doctor's note prescribing this therapy (ie: MASSAGE) as a mandatory once a month treatment. WHAT A day I tell day this will happen!!!!!

I also need to give a shout out to the world's greatest Mom! Thanks Mom for showing up on my doorstep for a total birthday surprise and taking care of my breakfast, lunch, dinner and helping the girls with a great b-day cake. I will sure miss the 2 hour drive but know we've made the most of it while we've had it.


Parkinson Family said...

how fun!! happy birthday!! 9-4 thats amazing!! im jealous!!

Brooke said...

Happy late birthday! It sounds like you had a great day. I have yet to experience a day at the spa. It does seem like it would be great. Maybe one of these days. I hope all is well with you.

Parkinson Family said...

p.s. so i never told you how to make your pics big. I did have to change my layout to accommodate it and then you go to the html section and you change the 268 size to 426 and the 400 to 640 and then the s400 you change to s640
does that make sense
this is what it looks like:

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so thats what your pics look like in the html and then you change the numbers to the 426 and 640 sizes

tell me if that doesnt make sense :)