Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Kylee recently finished her 1st year of gymnastics and has been excited for months to get her first trophy. After receiving it she told me, "Mom, I got a small trophy but that's ok cause I'm small too." I replied, "It isn't that small and it is really cool!" Kylee..."I do like it but when will I get a BIG trophy?" After discussing things I learned that she thought she would be getting one of those huge trophies that you see in display cases like the huge ones on display at the gymnastics center up where the parents watch. I laughed so hard inside and tried explaining that an entire team earned that and she will be a part of that one day I'm sure. Meanwhile, she now has her trophy on display in her room and now the collection time begins and I will be on the other side. The mother wondering where to put them and how to dust them. Oh, I love the little things that get our kids excited.

Sky and I were proud parents watching our little girl and are amazed at how far she has come throughout the year. She began with being shy and timid barely wanting to talk to her coaches and now each time she accomplishes something she is ready to show them her stuff. She was able to be in a class with her good friend Lindsey and anytime she has a friend in her class Ky comes out of her shell faster.
Her favorite station was bars and at the end of the video you will see her climbing the rope for me which she was determined to figure out. She could barely make it up a few steps at the beginning of the year. WAY TO GO KYLEE! The down side to all of this is that pre-school and gymnastics are now over and Kylee has way to much free time on her hands. She misses her organized activities and so does her Mother. We have been very pleased with each thing she has been involved in this year and hope they have helped prep her for kindergarten.


Dori said...

Wow... little girls in gymnastics outfits. Things that will never be in my home! She is so awesome! I can't believe how much she is growing! I REALLY wish we lived closer! Anyway you and Skylar would like to move here?!!!!

Lindsay said...

That video is so cute! It looks like she has learned a lot of cool tricks. First trophy's are very exciting! :)

Parkinson Family said...

so cute! congratulations!