Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alsop Family in Virginia

YES, we did make it to Virginia a month ago! The biggest lesson we learned is that we will never again load a truck, clean a home and unload the truck again all in the same day. By the time we got all of our junk in the truck I was wishing I could have a few days to not have to see it again. It was a long, crazy, tiring day but we made it. We were very thankful for my Mom, Skylar's Dad and the crew waiting for us in Virginia. We made it through all of the good-bye's and Kylee almost got by with packing one of her friends. (Gotta love how much fun you can have with moving boxes!) I don't know if I mentioned or not but we were lucky to find some great renters that were only looking for about a 6 month lease and then we will try to sell again. We still can't believe our awesome place didn't sell and there are so many things we are missing about it or "remembering how fortunate we were" as we live in our current rental. For example: 1st picture- our old bathroom 2nd picture - our current master bathroom.
We never realized how much Kylee appreciated her old place as well. We cracked up over so many of her quotes the first couple days. "Where is my bathroom?" It is right here in the hallway. "Its not attached to my room, man that's weird" The best was listening to her give grandpa a tour of our place. "This is our tiny bathroom, this is Lexi's little room, this is Mom and Dad's isn't a walk in that we can run around in but at least they can step into it, see I can fit." Now don't get me wrong our place is just great and Kylee is very pleased with her pink walls and to finally have a basement. We have enjoyed our time here so far and are thankful to our GREAT neighbors who made us feel so welcomed. They have a little girl Kylee's age and Ky was already over there eating dinner the first night as the truck got unloaded and me, Lexi and my Mom hadn't arrived yet. The adjustment went smoother than I thought it would as we quickly got involved with swim lessons with an amazing teacher in the ward and it provided something to look forward to each day the 1st 2 weeks. The ward is super friendly, Ky fit right in playing in the backyard with our neighbors and I have someone only 2 doors down that can answer all my questions and has been an amazing resource and friend. Thank you Lexie!
We've been filling our time with:
-visiting a little local lake
-getting bit by millions of mosquitoes!!!!!!
-visiting downtown mall for "Friday's after 5" local bands play in the amphitheatre
-meeting ward members at BBQ's
-hanging out with a great new family whose backyard has chicks, a goat, a tiny horse,
ducks, etc. and obviously a perfect yard for my girls
-trying new restaurants
-kindergarten camp
-already planning interviews and thinking about the next move (this is just crazy)
-and even Florida for a few days (post later

Any move comes with its challenges but for the most part we are feeling settled and doing well. I have so much to post about and with time will hopefully get caught up.


The Newcomb's said...

You guys have sure been busy. I bet its nice to get settled again, moving isn't easy. It sounds like you have some nice people around you, thank goodness.

Bryn said...

YEAH!! Thanks for the blog...We have been going through Alsop Withdrawls :) Glad you are haveing fun, and good luck with Kindergarten,,,when does she start?

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you guys are settled sounds like you have had lots of fun already. :) You and Skylar and your friendly kids would fit in pretty much anywhere I bet. :) Can't wait to hear about Kylee in Kindergarten!

Laura said...

I am excited to see this new fun place you live in. I am so glad you are getting settled in and that the transition hasn't been too bad. I love the Kylee tour story - very funny. Cute picture of your 2 girls in the water.

Katie May said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad you guys are doing well. Plus, it's so great that Kylee has some friends already to help her along. (and friends for you, too!) I know you were all a little worried. Miss you guys!

Dave and Mel said...

awesome update and so glad to hear things are going so well. I loved Kylee's tour- you really did (do) have a sweet place in Hershey!