Monday, August 31, 2009

All Day KINDERGARTEN has Arrived!

There was no way to put it off but I'm happy to say we are all surviving and doing pretty well. This week will be a good test as it is her first official week. They have staggered starting for kindergarten here so only a third of the class goes each day for the 1st 3. Last week she had her 1st day on Tuesday and then I had her home again for 2 and then she was back with the entire class on Friday. I'm thankful for our slow transition into the whole thing. Ky's been pretty nervous but has handled everything really well. I can't believe how old she is. I thought I'd sum up our overall feelings and then maybe share a few details.
KYLEE: Overall thinks it's kinda fun but wishes the days weren't so long. "I'm excited when I know its time to go home"
ME: I've finally stopped crying but wish I could be a fly on the wall giving her an extra hug or encouragement when she needs it. I just can't get over that for 5 years she's been with me and now all of a sudden she is spending the majority of her waking hours with someone else.
ALEXIS: "Where'd Kyie go" She's on the bus "I bus too" Every time I say lets go bye bye (to run errands) her reply is "Get Kyie" in the most excited voice.
I can't believe I've entered the phase of packing lunches, filling out endless school paperwork, waiting for the bus and getting up to the sound of an alarm. I feel like my I really old enough for all of this. My girls finally learned how to sleep in a little over the fun summer months and now I have to wake Ky up in the morning. Isn't there a rule against waking up a child. The bus comes at 7:15! I get dressed, lunch packed and shake ready and then wake Ky up at 7. We've got getting ready fast down. My non-breakfast eater drinks her favorite meal shakes while I do her hair and so far it is working out well. You should all be proud of me the new Cheryl is up and dressed by 7. We'll see how long it lasts before I walk out to the bus in my PJ's. I do still lay in bed with Lexi and get what ever cuddles I can. I miss our hour long wake up period in Mom's bed but will now cherish Saturday mornings.
I've told Ky I'll drive her so she can get some extra sleep till her body adjusts but she is set on riding the bus. Sky did drive her the first day but now we are all bus. Amazing how much kids love this adventure. Look at those sleepy eyes. Mind you she was sound asleep in her bed 10 minutes earlier. She has some great neighbor girls to ride the bus with and the one in yellow has made Ky's transition so much easier. Our publicly shy girl is doing great and I love hearing about her adventures when she comes home. We are very pleased with her teacher and think the school district did a great job getting them ready for the year.

If any of you have good snack or lunch ideas please send them my way :)


Dori said...

I can't believe i have 2 in school! It is always so hard because you want to know they are happy and everyone is being nice to them! She looks great though!

The Newcomb's said...

I am glad she is liking it. It sounds like you have the routine down to a science, 15 mins is not enough time for me,
Hayden hates most of her school lunches and she also doesn't like sandwiches, so we have gotten creative.
I bought a small thermos and have packed soup, mac and cheese, top ramin, cheesy noodle and they are still warm by lunch. She will also take a cantainer of cereal and just buy the milk when she gets there. She also likes baby dill pickles to munch on.

Andrea said...

Good stuff. Sierra is in 2nd grade now and I sobbed harder than I did in Kindergarten or 1st grade. It is a hard transition. Having a kid in school is like entering a whole new dimension.

Lindsay said...

I didn't know she had all day Kindergarten! That would be hard, (for me as the mom :)), but I'm sure she will love it. That is fun she can ride the bus, Justin would love that. Being ready by 7:15 would be so hard for me too, I struggle to get the kids out the door by 8:15! It sounds like you have a great schedule though. :)
Kylee looks beautiful!

Jennifer said...

I loved reading about Ky's first day at Kindergarten!! It made me cry and I'm sure it wasn't just my pregnancy hormones!! I'm very proud of her!
Love ya,

Lexie said...

Doesn't she look so grown up getting on the bus? I think you're both doing a great job adjusting to kindergarten!

clintandleximorgan said...

Yeah to Kylee for starting school. Cheryl you sound like you are doing a fabulous job! Have fun with all these school adventures!

Brooke said...

I am glad there are other mom's out there like me who had a tough time sending their child off to school. Hailee has only in half day kindergarten too! 7:15 is SO early for the bus! I can't believe it comes that early. What time does school start for you guys? Well your family is still as cute as ever. I bet Alexis really misses Kylee. Justin misses Hailee like crazy when she is gone. I hope things are well with you.

Laura said...

Look at your tan, pretty, grown up girl. You've done good so far raising that little cutie! I want to be a fly on the wall too. I miss her! Lexi's comments got me a little teary. What a sweetie! I am very impressed about your timing in the morning. You do an aweful lot while I am praying for a few more hours, not minutes, of sleep. My turn will come all too soon to awaken early.

Bryn said...

Oh.....she looks adorable. Why are they so big??? I really ant to stop time. It was so good to talk to you today. It made me really miss you guys though. Hug those cute girls for us and tell Kylee that we think she is so big. Now you and I just have to hang in there....its rough being the mom, but you are doing great. (way to go on the hair!!)

Dave and Mel said...

I am impressed!! remember that phone call a few months ago about all-day kindergarten?? nice job being a great mom and waking up SO EARLY. Zanna's bus doesn't come until 8:45 and we are still rushing out the door sometimes :)
lunches- applesauce, jelly sandwich (the don't allow PB), string cheese, frozen gogurt... hot lunch??

Jill said...

I'm so excited for you is so fun/sad when they start school. I can't believe I have a third grader...I'm getting old! Each year they need it more and more, that helps to make it not so hard. Miss you guys!