Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Sweet to Repeat!

You all know this place never gets old and yes this is another Florida post. By this point there is no need for me to even explain however this trip did have a new twist. Me and the girls left Sky behind and headed down for a couple days for a little vacay before starting school. We couldn't resist spending time with cousins (My brother Fred's crew) and grandparents who were already there. We had a fun packed condo and had an absolute blast! As always we wished it didn't have to end.
There is something about watching your kids be overjoyed, entertained, excited about life, living in a lap of luxury and staring at the beach that makes life priceless!
"Little Lexi" was hysterical to watch as this was her first time really getting into all the pool and beach activities. I can't believe how fast she is growing up and how well she kept up with the group. She of course devoured her smoothie and lived up to her reputation of loving food. In the beginning she had no fear of the water but after going under a few times she finally caught on. She quickly learned she needed her tube or Mommy to catch her but still gave it a fight at times as one of her favorite lines is, "I do it!" She was often found making silly noises as she bobbed along the ledge in the pool from one side to the other and telling anyone in her way "Beep Beep." Another favorite line heard quite frequently was, "Watch this Mommy" as my head was going back and forth as fast as possible between my energetic girls. She loved playing in the sand and the ocean had the perfect conditions for her to even swim. With all of that though my 2 year old's favorite spot was our own personal SHOWER room in the Ritz. This girl loved the shower and couldn't get enough of it. It was a gigantic dual headed shower that all 3 of us used each day and just lived it up with all the huge soft towels we needed, a mini shower head for the girls and my own for me. We had our day down to a "T"
Kylee, was busy picking up right where she left off with her cousins. It's amazing how despite how much time has passed since you've seen family you are comfortable within seconds and act like a day hasn't gone by. In this case it had been a year. Once they got over how long Kylee's hair had gotten and she realized that none of her boy cousins had any barbies they were off to the water! Kylee has taken leaps and bounds with her swimming this summer and did much better keeping up with her cousins. Just when I thought there wasn't much more to teach this Summer Uncle Freddie helped her take on snorkeling which of course was heaven on earth for Ky and then I stepped up to the plate and relied on my childhood days to teach Ky how to boogie board. We had a great time together and I love how much she trusts me. She was so brave and we had a blast out in the ocean with Grandpa, Freddie and cousins. I was wishing Sky could have seen her in action but don't worry we got some on film.
Grandma and Grandpa took GREAT care of us like always and I was sure thankful for their help! They always amaze me which I say all the time.
I had such a great time being a Mom and watching these two bond. They have become so close and Lexi is Ky's little shadow. It has been pretty difficult having Ky leave us every day for school. These 2 girls are everything to me and I hope I remember all of these amazing memories. Ky is just great at watching after her sister (most of the time) and every day Sky and I think about how thankful we are that they have each other.

This one just says it all! Another perfect Florida trip with my beach bums!

I have to add...just when you think Sky is missing out.....he had his Dad fly to VA to golf with him while we were gone. I tell ya...HARD LIFE!


Brooke said...

What a fun trip! Your girls are too cute, and that is so sweet how much they adore each other. I am with you on wanting to remember all of the small things. I try to keep them written down, but I don't do as good of a job as I should. They grow up too fast! You all look great.

Cyndy Parkinson said...

Fun catching up and looking at all the photos. Your girls are adorable and your blog is awesome! I like the Kylee Chit Chat. Keep up the good work. You've done well!

Hansen Family said...

Cute pictures! My sister in law lives in Richmond. I hope you are having fun and getting ready to be finaly finished!! :)

Laura said...

I am so proud to see you in the ocean too! I like Kylee's new swim suit and her little pose at the end of the post. I am glad they both kept up with the energetic four some! I am so glad you went and that you and the girls had a fun trip. You are right, Florida never gets old. Of course I wish I was there, but it's so fun to see the darling pictures of our good looking family. We have all done very well growing up and I can't wait for the many good times ahead with watching our kids play and do things we used to do at our family reunions.

Lexie said...

The trip looks so fun, I LOVE the picture of Alexis in the shower, she really does look like she was in heaven - what cute girls, and so brave snorkeling and boogie boarding, way to go Kylee!

Lindsay said...

You can never get too much of the beach, that's for sure. :) We just got back from Oceanside, CA and it was heaven.
Your girls looks so cute and so happy!