Sunday, November 15, 2009

Amusement Square

We have completely fallen in love with the Virginia weather and can't believe that even into November we are still getting weather occasionally in the low 70's. It has been an absolutely gorgeous Fall and we still haven't broken out winter coats or thick sweaters. Sky still insists on wearing shorts at times which of coarse is a little much for me but he is a HUGE fan of the weather and wishes he was out enjoying it on the links! We tried waiting for a cruddy weather weekend but were excited to head to a highly recommended children's museum about 1 hr. away called Amusement Square and took it on as a family last weekend. We had an absolute blast and spent the entire day there!It was 4 stories with a climbing structure running through the middle. We had fun discovering new slides and finding this zip-line that even Lexi was brave enough to try, "just 1 time" She was more entertained by the stairs that lit up when you stepped on them.We filled our time with golf ball mazes and ramps, searching for fossils, playing in the indian hut, racing canoes and teaching Kylee about water canals, pretending to be squirrels and collecting all kinds of food. It was fun listening to them in their own imaginative play and knowing they were fully time to be bored. Lexi still asks about going back.
We even tried a little rock band and got a good laugh when sky showed everyone his high pitched voice for 'Livin on a Prayer'. We totally want that set up in our basement one day and can see getting way into it as a fam. Especially since Ky and I are both to embarrassed to sing in public. I really hope I can get Ky over that fear. She was awesome on the guitar and drums!

Last but not least was the amazing glass paint room. They were enclosed on all sides and were able to paint on any of the glass walls.


[AnnieR] said...

Oh you just loooooove to rub in your nice weather, don't you? Bah humbug. Come back. We cold and dark and sad people in PA miss you.

Brooke said...

I wish there were places like that where we live:) It looks like you guys had a blast. I'm glad you are enjoying the wonderful weather. It is SO cold here, and we pretty much skipped Fall.

Lindsay said...

That looks like SO much fun! Your girls are so darling and looking so big! It's fun to hear them (and you) talking in the video!
Dave told me you guys were going to be in Logan over Christmas...I can't wait to see y'all. It's been too long!

Laura said...

Ok seriously, you moved from 1 fun place to another! My pour children will have to travel in order to see and do these fun things that your kids have at their fingertips. More reasons to visit you right! Anyway, looks like a blast and adorable pictures. Maybe Skylar can show us his musical abilities when you visit us or Kylee can have a chance to come out of her cute shell because Paul and Kathy do have rock band too.

JoAnna said...

Isn't life crazy???
So we are moving to Philly for Dave to do a 2 yr Trauma/Critical Care fellowship at UPenn.