Thursday, December 3, 2009


"WE DID IT!" (as Lexi and Dora would say) It's just not Thanksgiving without the Macy's Day Parade! We had another amazing time at the Macy's Day Parade and things were perfect. It was Lexi's first time, perfect perfect weather, great front row seats as always, my Dad taking care of the driving and the Francis crew was able to join us! Parade Highlights:
-Holding down our spot despite the crazy lady walking by thinking we were blocking the way.
-the phone call where Kylee realized Zana really was going to make it
-shouting for Confetti and getting an entire unopened bag thrown right at me.
-Listening to Lexi ask for more "fretti" (confetti) for several days later and still finding random pieces in the car with pure delight.
-Drinking "HOT" hot chocolate :)
-Bringing back childhood memories and watching our girls
-having this song stuck in our head all day

Check out the pile of confetti in front of us!

We spent a great weekend at my parents and the girls rediscovered little adventures at Grandma and Grandpa's house (ie: cedar closet, attic, our old toys, g-ma's treasure boxes)There were plenty of visits to Santa as Lexi just can't get enough and always some great eating! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything.

We took a great detour for a night on our way home to Hershey and made Lexi ecstatic as she spent time at one of her favorite places on earth...Hershey Park! She ran the show and knew exactly what ride she wanted when. Kylee was ecstatic as she was reunited with another great friend Lindsey. They played together non-stop till we had to part again. Thank you Christenson's for opening your home up and letting us crash!Coolest bunk beds ever and they are know on Kylee's future Christmas list!

This entire house is made out of Hershey products from top to bottom. Pretty cool! Hershey bar roof, white chocolate kit-kats for trimming, cookies n' creme bars for bricks, jolly ranchers stain glass, green twizzlers for garland...etc.


Laura said...

I will continue to live the memories through you! How fun to share the parade with your husband and girls. I plan to join you one of these times. Darling pictures! You look great - stylish, pretty Mom you are! (Quite impressive for getting up so early)

Lindsay said...

I think I went to High school with your friend in the top picture, acutally I know I did. I just can't remember her name! I have the WORST memory. That is so fun! Sounds like an awesome trip!

The Harrises said...

I'm glad you and the Francises hooked up. I'm also glad it didn't snow you, besides the confetti.

I like the Hershey attempt on the gingerbread house. With all that access to candy, I don't know why they didn't do this sooner.

Lexie said...

I'm so jealous that you got to do the parade, someday I am going to see it! It looks like such a great trip, glad you had such a wonderful time!

Kelly Evanson said...

fun times! i remember going to that parade when we lived in NJ.