Friday, December 18, 2009

Festivities verses mad rush, packing & SNOW!

The season began with a gingerbread house that came home from one of Grandma's famous treasure hunts at the end of our Thanksgiving stay in NJ. The girls had a blast with the decorating once challenged mom and dad with both sets of hands and a hair dryer attempted to get the house to stay together without a side caving in. I'm sad to say that this was even one of those pre-made kits...apparently this needs to become a tradition. We finally succeeded and our cute gingerbread house has a great sunroof across the top. Every day since its assembly more and more candy goes missing :)
Kylee was a dedicated worker and very proud of her accomplishments. Alexis, on the other hand, couldn't even finish her decorating before devouring her character. We were shocked we had enough candy to finish the house!
Last week we had our ward Christmas party where Kylee and her PARENTS were shocked with excitement as Kylee came out dressed as an angel. She was dying to get picked and fortunately did. You could see our grins from a mile away apparently as we proud parents watched her sing.

Alexis watched with her longing eyes and dreamed for the day she will be apart.
We had a great time and I'm so thankful for a ward family where ever you go and love spending time with my little family!
We hope you all have a great holiday season! Our plans are to head out west for the break when we make it. We currently are getting hit with a huge snow storm and Charlottesville freaks out with any kind of snow! We are at 6in. so far and expected to maybe get up to 2 feet. Skylar is stuck in the madness and has been in the car for 4 hours trying to get home from work which normally takes 30min and Kylee is finally peacefully sleeping after coming home early from school due to throwing up on the gym floor right before the school Christmas sing. I promise, I am still smiling as I write all of Christmas and know it will all work out. I sat with my girls on the sofa tonight reading Christmas books, with our little Christmas tree and snowglobes and starring out the window at a beautiful snow storm. Those moments you forget about the countless trips to the stores trying to figure out christmas gifts and still currently feeling like you have failed...what is the perfect thing to get people. Or that you haven't touched the packing and what nightmare will we run into at the airport. Maybe from all of this we won't be waking up at 4AM to catch a flight out of DC sunday morning. Oh, and Sky just called informing me again how much he loves his 4 wheel Jeep as he just passed a wreck on a side road trying to find a shortcut and may actually be home in about 20 min.
ENJOY THE SEASON!!!!!!! I can't wait for some sledding tomorrow!


Brooke said...

The video is too cute! Also, I have resorted to the hot glue gun with our gingerbread houses. I got sick of them caving in on me:)

The Harrises said...

The whole stuck in traffic thing and throwing up on the gym floor sounds awful, yet memorable! A Christmas you won't forget. Safe travels.

Lexie said...

Love the movie, it gets two thumbs up at our house! We're still hoping you make it safely on your flights today and that you had a quick and uneventful ride to Greensboro!

The Thompsons said...

WOW!! You sure are making some memories!!! miss ya!

Laura said...

I love that video and miss seeing your girls in action already. Thanks again for all your effort to come here and for the PERFECT gifts.

Natalie said...

I'm impressed you make real gingerbread house. We also make ours with graham crackers and frosting. Your girls are getting so big and cute.