Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"I'm not 2 anymore, I'm 3"

Little Lexi is 3!!!!!!
Alexis had her first official Birthday party on Saturday and just ate it up! We loved listening to her tell everyone, "Guess what, guess what, I'm having a party" I wondered if she really understood what this meant and if she didn't she sure caught on fast. She loved wearing her party dress and insisted on one that had enough twirl. She eagerly welcomed her friends and dropped her jaw when she saw each present. We love our little lexi and really wanted her day to be special...I think was!!!

I was probably pleased with her cakes the most as according to Kylee I've never made a cool cake before and apparently needed to step it up. Alexis is obsessed with the princesses lately and I was determined to make 3 little princesses for her "little princess tea party" with a few friends. With Skylar's help we succeeded and Lexi was able to recognize them enough to name each one!
We pulled off a few games but mostly enjoyed watching the kids play and stuff their faces with cake. Lexi couldn't handle pass the present after the first round, as others according to her were opening her presents. We had music for 1 round and then quickly let each kid open a layer. We definitely learned to be flexible for a party with 2 and 3 year olds. Ky was put to work helping with games and trying to keep their tea cups filled with water. I loved it when I heard, "uhhhh, I can finally eat my piece of cake" She was a great help and is eagerly awaiting her birthday as she finally watched little sister open some stuff she would like as normally this table is turned.

On Lexi's actual Birthday we went to a new place called "Bounce n Play" with her good friend Chloe. These two are darling together and Alexis had an absolute blast once we avoided all the big slides for awhile. Apparently the tummy flipping feeling that we all seek is not Lexi's thing. "Mom, It hurt my tummy" Once we found a "little one" she with pure delight said, "this one not hurt my tummy" and proceeded to go down over and over.

They had a great time painting, laughing and jumping. It was a morning filled with, "Let's do that again" or "look at this mom" and "watch this!" Apparently I need her birthday more often as she had a perfect grin on her face all day and was delightful to take pictures of during all her b-day celebrations. You know you've succeeded when later you hear Lexi say, "That was fun or member dat"

We had hostess cupcakes with good friends that evening since I refused to make 2 cakes and Sky was out of town but she didn't seem to mind. She loved all the singing from neighbors and family and truly did feel special. So often I feel like Ky can easily steel the light but we had plenty of great special Lexi moments and are always reminded what a miracle she truly is! She adds so much to our family. It is such a joy watching her smile and seeing her happy.

I also forgot to document that Lexi had 2 huge growing up moments in February as she graduated to her big girl bed and potty trained! I thought all of this was going great until now. Apparently she thinks she no longer needs a nap and also enjoys getting out of her bed at least 5x a night making the entire going to sleep process taking up to 2 hours at times. In addition she refuses to go POOP on the potty and asks for a diaper every is driving me nuts!!! Oh Lexi, it is a good thing you are so cute!!!!! Any suggestions on either one of these matters please send them my way.


Lexie said...

looks like it was a great birthday! She look so cute all dressed up for her party next to her 3 cute cakes - way to go, you planned two fabulous days for her!

Marli said...

I love those little cakes!!! Great twist on the traditional Barbie cake SOOOO Cute. I really can't believe she's three. I remember hearing the news of her birth and all the struggles and it really doesn't feel anywhere near three years ago. Your girls are just beautiful! Happy Birthday little cutie!

Brooke said...

I can't believe she is three already! She is such a little cutie, and is lucky to have such a fun mom like you to throw a party for her. I finally gave Hailee her first birthday party at five:) Your cakes are darling!

The Hershey Bryces said...

Darling little birthday party Cheryl! Happy Birthday Lexi!

Laura said...

WOW, HOW CUTE ARE YOU! I didn't really hear what you were doing for Lexi's birthday party prior too and am officially wowed! What a darling little birthday girl you have! She looks so pretty in her birthday dress and truly, truly happy as you commented on. Looks like a fantastic party. Way to go on the cakes - I am impressed! You are definitely taking after Mom with the awesome birthday parties and coming through on creative twists such as the great princess cakes!!! Way to go. (Another idea I may have to steal later on)

Lindsay said...

WHAT!!! Lexi is 3 already! No way!
She looks so darling and her party looks like so much little girl fun. :) What a lucky, special girl!

Katie May said...

Wow! I'm so impressed, Cheryl! Happy Birthday, Lexi! She has changed so much, so darn fast! What a cutie and I loved, loved her little cakes. Way to go, super mom!

Harmony said...

Happy Birthday Lexi! awesome party, you look so grown up sipping from your little tea cup.

Dave and Mel said...

Hey Cher! Look at those cakes girl... nice work! I know this is very belated....but give Lexi a happy b-day hug from me and like everyone else, I can't believe it has been three years since she was born-- she is too cute and i hope we get to all see each other again soon!