Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I love celebrating this holiday even more now that I've got 2 little girls to get into it with me. We had a blast making these awesome edible crayons to pass out to Ky's class and give to neighbors. My friend Mandy has an amazing blog with some great recipes to try with kids and I've been dying to give these a try. If you get a chance check out her blog, "Gourmet Mom on the Go", the link to it is in my list of favorite blogs.

The girls had a blast giving Daddy plenty of kisses with these lips.
I'm hoping he will be their only Valentine for a long time. We were having some conversation and Sky said, "Ky who is your favorite boy?" Her reply was, "you DAD" May it stay this way for a very very long time!!!!!! Our Valentine came through...Ky wondered if Dad would bring roses to his girls again and he didn't let her down! He also shocked them with red spray painted messages in the snow and a trail of little treasures they had to dig out. We lived it up as we had extra time to prepare with our snow days which many of you can relate to.
On that note I heart Target clearance sales and have bought quite a shlew of V-day items for next year! I love having a Target only 5 min. away but our credit card may not. Happy belated Valentine's Day to all!


Laura said...

Way to go Skylar! I am going to have Taylor read this blog entry to get some ideas. I always loved that Dad gave us a flower on V-day - how special. How were the edible crayons? They look really cool. Nice job doing something different and creative

hoday said...

Sky is so fun. And what family has better smiles than the Alsop family? I love looking at you all in that snow fort!
Oh, and I too am praying that Daddy is my girls' favorite for a long time to come.

The Thompsons said...

WOW!!! wow on the crayons wow on how cute your kids are and wow on Sky's surprized!! WOW!! Im glad you had a fun day! MAN I MISS YOU GUYS! The other day Addy was telling me where her favorite places were and she said "Hershey Park, Idaho, and where does Kylee live now" me "In Virginia" "ya...and Virginia!" xoxo

Lexie said...

Love the lips and all your fun Valentine ideas - way to go!