Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will school actually return?

Looks like tomorrow school will actually resume. After 9 days of school being cancelled out of the last 10, I finally didn't receive a phone call from Josh Davis Director of night didn't feel complete without one. I've dusted off my alarm clock and am prepared to deal with Lexi's tears in the morning once she realizes Ky has gone back to school.
I'm thankful for routine and despite all the fun we have been having there have been plenty of hair pulling moments. Not just me wanting to pull my own but the girls going at it! Ky has always been my one seeking constant entertainment which I just can't provide anymore. However, we do a pretty dang good job and I must give one more shot out to the neighborhood for coming up with some creative ideas keeping us all entertained...mothers included.

MOVIE NIGHT at Miss Lexie and Todd's which you can see was a huge hit. For all you wondering, our Lexi had at least 3 bowls of popcorn and still lives up to her reputation of the snack queen which everyone around here has learned as well!!!! :)
Miss Lisa came through with a fabulous Summer in February bash and everyone was delighted to pull out some summer clothes. She even had the heat turned up to encourage the shedding of layers. We all know how much little Lexi loves her swimsuit so there was no convincing needed for her to put it on but a little disappointment when she realized she wasn't going to really put it to use.
Lastly, a darling Valentine's Party at Miss Lexi's since we thought the girls were going to miss out completely on the celebration at school. Kylee thought turning our popcorn pink was the coolest thing ever and from now on when I make it we are to do a different color each time. Lexi on the other hand couldn't keep her hands out of it....
Crafts, snacks, games, scavenger hunts...just our kind of thing! The girls enjoyed performing their princess dance which has been practiced several times over the last 2 weeks (I'm very glad I stumbled across this treasure at the end of a DVD)
*It definitely looks like I need to step up to the plate. Conveniently, I in passing mentioned I would do something on President's Day but hey we actually pulled off a make-up day of school and I'm off the hook. Now don't forget all that snow building outside!!!!! :)

I can't leave out the Dudes which have provided hours of entertainment. I am often amazed at the random things that do the trick at times. These "DUDES" as the girls call them have been a huge hit. We've acquired quite the collection and have taken several trips with our quarters in hand to Harris Teeter for a "DUDE COLLECTION" run. There are even a few lost somewhere in the house that Ky desperately hopes will turn up soon.


The Harrises said...

We were canceled today! You? Just one day to squeeze in the make-up Valentine party while the snow was starting to hit. Looking outside, we'll be off tomorrow. Cheers to you! Cute ideas in the neighborhood.

Lindsay said...

I'm jealous of all of your time off of school...I can't believe it though either! I also can't believe how much fun you guys have been having...can I live in your neighborhood? :)

Laura said...

How darling!!! You (and I) will have to remember those ideas for future use! Way to go neighborhood! I just can't believe how much fun stuff you have all done and I aspire to be like you one day. I like Kylee's pink shirt and cute hair. She looks stylish and darling. The picture of Lexi caught with her hand in the popcorn bowl is perfect. Such a cutie! Peyton is on her way to compete with Lexi for food intake. I don't know how a litte person can just keep eating.