Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 Days and Counting....

Kylee will be home AGAIN tomorrow for another snow day! Something that has become common, as it will be her 6th day of cancelled school in the last 2 weeks. Last week she was home for 4 of the 5 days due to 3 different snow storms but just the week before was home one day due to rain...yes that's right RAIN. We were found doing things like this on her RAIN DAY...
Dancing and singing in all sorts of attires at Kylee's friend Lara's house. Later in the day we rode bikes with our neighbors in 50 degree sunny weather, in the school parking lot none the less. Kylee cheered her good friend Lydia on as she learned how to ride a 2-wheeler!

Then just a few days later we were home again but doing something totally different...this.... and still ARE!
In the 1st of 3 storms Skylar built the sweetest snow cave that we had the entire neighborhood playing in over the next couple of days. It eventually had 2 openings and a slide going in from the top. The plow left a perfect mound right across the street that he just couldn't let go to waste. Watching Ky and her friends imaginative play around the snow cave over the next few days was just priceless.

From this 10 in. storm and then another 4 in. a few days later Ky was home most of the week. We are so thankful for such awesome neighbors and a street full of kids to play with. I would have gone crazy without them but instead we spent hours upon hours outside and I often had trouble even getting them to come in for lunch.
Alexis was found constantly laying in it, patting it down and trying her hardest to keep up with Kylee which she has gotten pretty good at. She was right there climbing up every mound she could and only going down the sled on her sisters lap. She freaked out the 1 day Ky actually did go to school and was even found streaking the neighborhood as she insisted on waiting for the bus with Ky and I was unaware that she had taken her nightgown off as she followed her out. (an entire different story)
Kylee has spent more hours than I can count in our neighbors back yard sledding, exploring and doing "snow bellies" (heading down the hill on their stomachs). They have made some crazy belly trains and she is constantly found with her mouth open from pure excitement or laughter! I don't know what she is going to do when she actually has 5 days of school in 1 week again. It will now be over a month when we add in Martin Luther King day and the upcoming President's Day. So our one day back was Thursday but we were then home again on Friday and still will be tomorrow due to how long it takes VA to fully clean up from the latest giant storm which hit this weekend. I think we got about 18in. this time. I can't believe I was afraid we had missed our only good storm as we left right after it hit for Christmas. Our snow clothes have gotten quite the mileage this season and we've got getting dressed and undressed in the gear down to a science!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today's snow acitivity was a snow castle for the girls. Sky and I are getting known for being the builders on the street. They each had their own seats and enjoyed sitting in their thrones while sucking on icicles.
*All in all: 3 new storms in 9 days- together dropping around 30 inches!
*Conclusion from all this: MY GIRLS LOVE THE SNOW!
In addition to all these great outdoor snow moments I'm also thankful for the following during this crazy snowy time.....
*the cocomotion
*still having our electricity
*so much family time
*Papa John's buy 1 get 1
*convenient play dates for the girls
*a nice break from nursery for 2 weeks now
*watching home videos
*watching Sky enjoy his JEEP to the max
*the beautiful scenery
*staying in comfy clothes over and over


The Hershey Bryces said...

LOVE IT!!! We tried our hand at building an igloo on Saturday, (it's on our blog)but it was too powdery and wouldn't stick together too well. Can't wait to get out there and try working on it again today after a little melting over the weekend. Hopefully it will pack much tighter! WE LOVE THE SNOW TOO!!!!

The Hershey Bryces said...

I just keep thinking about the fun things you built and had to come check them out again :) My kids will be so impressed with you! They really wanted a snow tunnel. Maybe we'll give it another try :) You guys are just tooo impressive!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh my, you guys really know how to have a good time! I am so impressed with your snow creations...I usually hate snow, but all your doings look so fun! What lucky girls!

Skylar said...

Another 6 inches of snow are on the way tomorrow, which will put us around 58 inches for the year, destroying the old Charlottesville record of 54 inches! Great stuff!!!

The Harrises said...

Here! Here! Sista! You are getting this snow thing down. Check out your snow wall. What if we were neighbors--we could link our forts! We could pass cocomotion back and forth all day (although you would have to be the one passing because I don't have one)

Laura said...

You think you could share maybe just 1 storm with us deprived people in Idaho where it is supposed to snow. It will probably hit us in April when we want it to be warm. Looks like a blast! I am impressed with the snow construction. The cave and castle are very amazing - way to go. Your girls are darling and I am so glad they are having so much fun and have friends and parents to live it up with. I love your new family photo on top too. (Lexi's got her snack which is classic)

Micah-n-Holly said...

Cheryl, I just stumbled onto your blog today from Jen's and it is SO CUTE!! Your girls are absolutely adorable and I LOVE the fort you guys built during the blizzard! Hope you guys are all doing well and we will look forward to seeing you soon!

Holly Gray

Lexie said...

You guys are the builders of the neighborhood and we love it, please keep the great snow creations coming, they save the day! Snow days are only survivable by having good friends to play with (and warm, yummy food!) So glad you got to enjoy the snow with us this time around.