Friday, April 30, 2010

Fairies FAIRIES and more Fairies

Things discussed or made frequently between Kylee and her friends or Kylee and me...:)
-Goblin stew
-Rainbow Magic
-Did the fairies leave me something last night?
-Fairy habitats
-Goblin Traps
-Jack Frost
A month or two back, Ky and her good friends on the bus began talking about fairies a ton and anytime they found a little speck of glitter they knew a fairy had been there. I at one point was worried about Ky's imagination and wondered why she always questioned if things were real and got way excited to run with this. Miraculously on the same night "fairies" left some of their fairy dust on each of the girls windowsills. The jaw dropping moment was priceless and watching them all discuss it was awesome. !
She is now often found making goblin stews. This is just one of her nasty concoctions she came up with. All with an attempt to poison those nasty goblins trying to capture the fairies!

Our "Fairy Habitat" and "Goblin Trap" Builders. A current favorite past time in the backyard which has provided hours of entertainment. Anytime things are messed up outside you often here one say, "I bet the goblins or Jack Frost were here"

On one playdate Ky and her friend made these tissue paper flowers and it still sits on her nightstand in hopes that a fairy will visit. Numerous notes to the fairies have been left inside and sometimes those notes remain there for days (oops) I'm trying to be the best fairy possible. One time she was even left these little fairies as apparently Fairy talk has spread to many of the girls in her class and they all mention what they have received...pretty crazy...are we out of control? I'd like to be a little ant listening to some of these conversations and Ky apparently understands that they can't bring HUGE things!!!
This is a sample of some of the notes she has left and is always so quick to say thank you :) When a note is taken or a little something is left behind the pure excitement is just awesome as Sky and I eagerly listen and she explains all that they must have been up to.

Most of this comes from the Rainbow Magic book series and whatever else her and her friends come up with. I can't complain as I enjoy reading to her in the evenings and she thinks it is awesome each time we finish what she calls a "chapter book".
Kylee's fairy collection. The large one and flower were left by the Easter Bunny and the little ones have been left over time by the fairies in her hand made flower.
So the moral of all of this...anytime you see a little sparkle or hint of glitter, there must be a fairy near by. Keep your eye out!!!! Second, let your kids imagination go wild and aren't you all eager to go read RAINBOW will be surprised at how many fairies there really are and how much the same plot can repeat itself over and over again.
*We are excited to see Tinker Bell and her friends in Disney


Lindsay said...

Magical! I love the whole fairy thing and love when little girls get caught up in the magic. So fun!

Lindsay said...

p.s. Emily loved those Rainbow magic books too!

Lexie said...

Great post. I think you are a much better fairy than I am. All Lydia's ever found is the glitter. Way to keep the imagination alive!

Laura said...

So sweet! I love children, especially my relatives and their darling moments that I get to read about. Way to go little fairy!