Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Our DISNEY Trip!!!!!

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. There has been a ton going on but I first must recap our amazing Disney trip which was in the works for so long. Like I had remembered as a kid it was "Magical" and the girls loved this magic and being with some of their cousins. We had the hardest time leaving and really did enjoy every minute despite the HEAT!!!

To start off we had to make a scene which is always oh so fun. We sure got heads to turn with this one, all at my expense! I injured my foot a week before the trip...after many ice baths, hobbling around, praying and purchasing some super nice running shoes my foot came through for me. We were still hesitant the first day but didn't want to waste time with a wheel chair so for long distances and to start off down mainstreet this is how I was found. Most would just stare but one worker had the guts to say, "Now I've never seen that before!" The kicker was watching the kids walk along side.
We conquered a park a day and started with Magic Kingdom and then returned there at the end of the week to hit our highlights again. Kylee was all about hitting as many rides as she could with her cousin Easton and Lexi was all about seeing as many princesses and characters that she could while getting her arms around them. Kylee's all time favorite ride from the week if she had to choose was Splash Mountain which we successfully got her on several times thanks to fast pass and kid swap plus g-ma's help. Thank you Mom for always coming through. Lexi's favorite ride was "It's a Small World" which she is still found singing at home and finally has bumped Hershey Park out of her mind. Disney has become the talk. I just printed out pictures of her with each princess and character which she carries around with her everywhere in a little book.
"PRINCESS MANIA" We definitely got our princess fix and even enjoyed lunch with them. Kylee loved getting autographs and Lexi enjoyed twirling for each one of them and steeling as many hugs as possible. She literally almost knocked Mini over when she came charging in for that hug.

Sky and I were amazed at how well the kids did. We ended many days looking like this but when moving through the park they kept up and maintained their energy. Having family with us helped a ton and was a blast as it had been almost 2 years since we had seen my brother's family. The girls work before the trip paid off and Kylee was determined to get the souvenirs she wanted. As you can see they did. The heat did get to us all especially Alexis as we know how sensitive she is but as she would leave each building she would quickly say, "I sweaty, I need the spray bottle!" "I'm dripping sweat"...and proceed to spray herself down. We all laughed every time.
Pictures like these help put the ! on the statement, "This trip was totally worth it!!!!"
Kylee posing with her sidekick...TINK!
Lexi getting some classic one on one time from princess to princess.
Lexi and I laughing hysterically on Toy Story Mania...another favorite ride for all!
Kylee and Easton anxious to ride together and all of us thankful they were tall enough for almost everything.

Fully engaged and captivated by every show. They were all fabulous. This one is Beauty and the Beast and I loved it when Lexi shouted to the beast, "You meanie, I'll get you with my fan!" She then realized on her own, "now he's nice!"
Feeling like we were on Broadway several different times.
Special Cousin times, even with little Gracie.
It has been over a month and we still find Kylee singing Zippity Do Da, Lexi singing It's a Small World and the entire family breaking into "Celebrate a Dream Come True"...the song from one of the Parades. Lexi's favorite movie currently is clips we finally put on DVD from the trip...she begs for the "parade" and each time I watch it, it brings tears to my eyes as I just want to be back and not thinking about some of the day to day stresses. WAY TO GO DISNEY!!!!


Brooke said...

How fun! It looked like you guys had such an amazing time. It is funny to me how other parts of the country have been battling the heat while we have been battling the cold, rain, and wind:) We finally had a nice day yesterday:) I hope one day we will be able to make it to Disney World. I hope all is well with you and your cute family!

Lindsay said...

That looks like a wonderful trip! So glad you guys got to go! We're going to Disneyland in August and your pictures make me so excited, it really is magical there!

Lexie said...

I was hoping your comment meant you'd posted! Love the pictures, the one of you on the sit and stand is so classic and you can tell your girls were in HEAVEN with cousins, princesses, and roller coasters, it really does sound like the perfect trip for everyone - so glad that even the souveniers worked out, maybe someday we can all go together and be in the magical happy place away from the stress of life together.

Laura said...

I could read this post and look at the pictures over and over just like your girls getting a smile on my face each time - I just am so glad you had such a memorable, amazing trip. I love the pictures with the princesses as I just imagine my little nieces dreams of meeting them come true and Lexi's comments are just adorable!!! We (Taylor and I) got a good laugh over the stroller picture. It's Good thing your small.

Dori said...

Ok. I am very jealous! I think it is time to do a disney trip!!!!!!

Kelly Evanson said...

i don't think i have seen these pix's yet. glad you guys had so much fun at disney!! and seaworld too! a family vacation you'll never forget!!