Friday, June 25, 2010

Memorial Day and Random May

We made it back in time for Kylee's last kindergarten field trip of the year and we were both happy that I got to tag along on it. I have loved volunteering in her classroom every other week and being a part of different events...and she has LOVED having me there...may this continue when she is older as well. I do worry at times with how much she wants me around making our moves and adjustments even more difficult. I still can't believe how shy she is in most situations cause it is just not the girl we see at home or with friends. However, for now I will just continue loving being loved. We had a good time at Camp Albemarle on scavenger hunts, painting, going down by the river eating and being together. I LOVE this girl!

Alexis loves this girl too or should I say Kylee loves Alexis...well it goes both ways! I need to do a blog on their personalities soon and the crazy sister relationship/manipulation that is forming! A common phrase heard in our home lately is "SLEEP IN CHOTHERS BEDS" as we cater to Lexi's cute voice and now we all say the same thing instead of, sleep in each others beds. These girls beg to sleep together but rarely ever can fall asleep. They enjoy their so called "chit chat time" We love it too and are so happy they have each other. One night they actually succeeded and we got this image in Ky's bed.
Don't mind Lexi's chin, that is the leftover scar from the stitches she got the last night of our Disney trip walking home from the pool. She was in the dreaded flip flops with her arms tucked in her towel and my concerned thought didn't come fast enough. As I was walking to her to unwrap the towel I watched her fall. It made for an extra memorable last night with Skylar and her in the ER and Ky and I packing and cleaning up the place. It could of been way worse and we didn't let it ruin our great memories. Lexi was a trooper and even fell asleep during the procedure probably due to lack of sleep during the week and the peace she got once she left my frantic worried side that never stays calm in these situations. Thank goodness for Skylar's help.

Our first weekend back Sky and I headed down to the Virginia Beach area AGAIN trying to make some final decisions and concluded we are just going to rent a nice home for the first year till we have time to figure everything out and get to know the area. We are thankful Skylar's Mom was able to come and stay with the girls. Then our next weekend we had our neighbors kids helping make it a crazy party at the Alsop's house. This was a sleepover all the girls had been waiting for. I'm impressed they all even had princess sleeping bags leaving no one feeling left out. The kids had a blast as you can see and it has been such a blessing having such a fun family to hang out with only 2 doors down.
We kicked off Summer right with a hot Memorial Day weekend making us want to get in the water. As I remember from being a kid the pools would always open this weekend and we were often freezing or waiting for things to warm up....this has not been the case in Virginia and the heat is still going strong. It has been in the upper 80's or mostly 90's since. We had a fun weekend with my parents who were good sports tagging along with us to a new splash park with our neighbors and then later a great ward picnic that included some more swimming. If I haven't mentioned before we have loved our ward for our 1 year in Charlottesville and have the best neighborhood filled with kids for the girls to play with that we will sooooo miss. Kylee drops in on our neighbors all the time and they have provided hours of her kind of perfect entertainment.
Lexi got so cold but refused to get out as she didn't want to miss out on anything. Once she gave in you can tell how nice the double towel and snuggle from Grandma felt...this was definitely enjoyed by both and a moment I'm glad I captured.

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Laura said...

Sooo cute! Great picture with your daughter and good one of Mom and Lexi too. I love Kylee's new swim suit. I can't believe the princess sleeping bags - quite a sleepover I must say. Tell Kylee she had an Aunt that was pretty shy too and I turned our ok.