Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trip out West

The first of many...catch up posts!
I just can't move forward until I jot down a few memories from another great trip to Utah and Idaho over July 4th. Sky was insistent on having a few weeks of vacation between ending his fellowship and starting his job and of course he succeeded. So, for the first part of his break before packing up the house we headed out west.

We started off with a packed full day in Salt Lake fitting in as much as possible before heading up to Logan. This always includes eating at Rumbi's and seeing old friends!
We had a great night at Amber's house and I'm so glad that every time we see each other we can just pick up where we left off. A bunch of old Hershey gals got together as several of us were visiting Utah at the same time. It was a blast seeing everyone and catching up on each other's lives. Together we had quite the gang of kids... who helped being the photographer and grabbed a shot of us Mom's plus darling little Mia.

Kylee was extra thrilled to spend some time with Zanna! We sure wish it could be more often.

We also fit in a tour of the Conference Center and loved showing Kylee where the prophet speaks to us. Her reaction was priceless as we showed her one of the paintings in there...She just stared for a few seconds like she knew she should recognize the people but didn't.
Once we helped her along with this huge grin she said, "That's grandpa and Aunt Laura." Pretty cool to have my Dad and siblings faces in the conference center.

We made it to Logan and the girls were let loose...enjoying several moments with cousin Mason, exploring Nana's house, finding more treasures to take home and Lexi spent as many moments as possible checking on the cats and walking Bovi. Kylee even enjoyed her first ride on the "Zamboni" with the professional Uncle Ry Ry, which not many 6 year olds can say they've been on or even me for that matter.
The girls enjoyed their Mason time and he was such a trooper letting them feed, hold, change and play with him. He even let them use his toys which they clearly were too big for. He was a little concerned with Lexi in his swing but as you can see there was no getting her out! Instead of taking care of the baby she was loving the chance to be the baby.
We happily/willingly even pulled off a group shot for Nana which we haven't accomplished in a long time.

Kylee and I joined in on one of the boys rounds of golf where Kylee didn't do a whole lot of golfing but did do a whole lot of driving. She had a blast behind the wheel of the golf cart and couldn't get enough of it. Oh, a whole lot of ball washing too! We were happy to be there on the 4th where the girls got a chance to be a part of the tradition of setting fireworks off in the backyard of the cliffside house and see the show at the USU stadium. We definitely had some fun late nights!We got several "Parachute" firework DUDS but the girls thought it was the coolest thing trying to find and occasionally catch them. After several attempts we did have a few successes and learned where NOT to buy them next year :)

Ry and Sky took much pride in their grand finale firework which in the end was pretty impressive. Whether it was worth blowing most of the firework budget on it is up for question but we had a great show. These boys will always be boys! Kylee even took part in helping ignite this BAD BOY! Poor Mason joined us just in time for the finale and his ears may be scared for life when it comes to the noise of fireworks. We went out with a BANG! We went through box after box of sparklers and later even witnessed marshmallows being roasted over a candle during another one of our fabulous "game playing" sessions. It is fun to feel like KIDS again when we visit Logan. Even Uncle Ry Ry is growing up as we all enjoyed meeting his girlfriend Leisa while we were in town. The girls hit it off with her and wondered if they would see her again. Only time will tell!?!?!? Thanks for the great time crew!
The "FUN PARK" was calling our name or should I say "DEAL OR NO DEAL" Thanks Grandpa Ted and Glori for cheering us on.The girls had a heyday redeeming all the tickets!!!!!
I can't believe how many memories the fun park holds...from college single days to early married life, Kylee's younger visits and now Lexi loving it as well. I do wish we had an arcade that cheap here on the east coast.

The end of our trip was spent in Idaho again at my sister's place and out on the Snake river.
COUSIN TIME AT THE WINDY PARK! Both my girls couldn't get enough of Peyton and we had a blast just hanging out.
We provided plenty of entertainment for Peyton as we all tried to steal as many squeezes as possible. Both girls love her to death and Kylee like always takes great care of her. I love their faces as she is reading this book to Peyton. From just looking at it I can hear the emotion in her voice as she tries to explain part of it to Peyton.

There was plenty of water fun had on the Snake River during our few days in Idaho. We were thankful for warmer weather this year and we all had a blast.

Lex and Ky were hilarious waiting for the waves that Daddy was making hit the side of the dock, giving them their own little ride. I love how these two are finally becoming playmates!

Why is it that boat shots are always so dang cute? I just love all these girls and our love for PINK!

Kylee had her first tube ride and not only loved it but wouldn't get off. THANK YOU AUNT LAURA for being the trooper that braved the cold water with her for the never ending ride.
Like always it was a fabulous trip especially when I don't think about the crazy flying experiences we had getting home! 24hrs. later we made it back and since then we've received care packages for the girls from Delta in the mail and have made countless phone calls to the airline but oh yeah I wasn't gonna mention that. We had a BLAST with family and are so THANKFUL for all the fun TIMES and MEMORIES! It is nice to just hang out, eat eat eat, watch others entertain the girls, shop, chat, play games,etc.!!!!!! (especially before diving into the stress of moving)


The Newcomb's said...

Wow! that looks like a really awesome trip. We didn't even see you guys.
I hope you are liking your new place.

Lindsay said...

You guys really know how to have fun. Seriously, it looks like you had a blast! So fun to see the pictures of Sky's family and yours...a lot has changed!

Laura said...

Sooo fun! Your shopping purchases prior to your trip paid off. You look fabulous and super stylish! I love your coordinated outfits for your girls too. Your Logan pictures and events look so fun. Of course the other parts of the trip were great too :) What another great vacation out west. Way to pull it all off.

Lexie said...

Looks like you did a great job packing it all in. Little Peyton is sure growing up and it's so cute to see Ky & Alexis "taking care" of her.

Dave and Mel said...

i read this before but forgot to make a commet...i love the picture of all the girls in the life jackets!!!! so cute!! i'm glad the trip was so fun and i loved seeing you guys--just wish it could've been longer!