Tuesday, December 21, 2010

While Sky was busy we girls were busy

My sports addicted husband planned a crazy but dream come true trip for himself up to South Bend for the Utah, Notre Dame football game on Nov. 13th. His Dad and best friend both flew in to join him for the game and Skylar was willing to drive 12 hours to get there. Instead of being left home the girls and I caught a ride up to Charlottesville to hang out with the "Briarwood hood!" Sky had an absolute blast despite some rain and a Utah loss while we had an absolute blast with friends who we had been dearly missing.
First on the agenda was Kylee heading back to Baker-Butler Elementary to surprise her good friends Lydia and Lara for lunch. It was so precious watching them back together again.

The Medders took great care of us the first night and the kids moved from one activity to the next. Kylee was so excited to have a sleepover with Lara. I don't think I even really saw Kylee for about 24hrs straight. The following night we crashed at the Budge household where Lexi couldn't wait to be with Chloe and celebrate her birthday. These two were darling as they attempted their first sleepover which basically was a long cuddle and book reading...better luck next time. Alexis has always been so proud of her friendship with Chloe. "Chloe is my friend!" Kylee was in non stop movement mode the entire weekend soaking up as much friend time as possible and even made it over to Lydia's to celebrate her birthday with her.
Thanks friends for a great weekend get away and for friendships that can pick up where we left off. You know our door is always open for you too.


Lexie said...

We sure loved having you back in the hood, it felt like a dream, just wish it could have been longer. Thanks for making Lydia's birthday so special!

Laura said...

How cute! Nothing like good friends!