Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

We celebrated Christmas just as a family in our home for the first time. We had a blast watching Kylee's excitement and being Santa (shh..) As fun as it was we sure missed family but are thankful that Alexis is healthy and doing well as we continue to make it through RSV season. We want to thank our parents for spoiling our kids as usual. You definitely helped pack our tree with presents. We've had fun throughout the month visiting Hershey Park, decorating, having visits from my parents and Skylar's mother, and of course celebrating Christmas.
Kylee loved all of her gifts but has been having a great time taking care of her baby doll that talks to her. It is the funniest thing...."No baby, we can't play right now I'm changing your nasty diaper." "Ok, just a second and I'll tell you a story" "Mom, my baby is starving I have to give her a bottle or Mom, can you watch her for a minute while I go the bathroom." Alexis continues to be entertained the most by just watching Kylee move around non-stop or trying to eat what ever toy Kylee is playing with. She was in good spirts Christmas morning and loved sucking on the wrapping paper.


Laura said...

Ok, I finally looked at your blog and thought it was so perfect! Skylar, good job! I am impressed with the poem! Cheryl, perfect song to go with the darling pictures. The dresses are beautiful. I really like them. What a cute family!

nAt said...

hey Cheryl...thanks for sending me the link to your blog. your girls are beautiful, kylee looks jsut like you! hope you guys have a good start to the new year! we'll have to catch up soon:)

Dave and Mel said...

Love the pic's- Zanna would love to come play babies again- which doll did Kylee get? She got "Baby Alive" but I had to take it back so just wondering what else is out there. We love your fam!