Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Dresses

Well, after buying almost every dress in the store awhile ago with my Mom to make sure the sizes weren't picked over we decided on these ones...and we loved them!!! It is so fun to put the girls in matching clothes when it works out and I need to thank Grandma for all her help finding the girls their dresses. Kylee has had fun getting dressed up, wearing her "clipity-clop" shoes and doing her make-up with Mom. Sorry I didn't post these pictures earlier but Merry belated Christmas! We just love this little miracle girl and all her smiles!

After about 20 tries we finally got one with Kylee's real smile.

We hope you all had a great Christmas! We had a nice quiet one just the 4 of us and I hope to post pictures from it soon.


The Lloyds said...

What beautiful girls. I love the dresses (great choice). You look great to Cheryl.

Matt and Allyson said...

Cheryl, you look gorgeous as do your girls! It was so great to get a Christmas letter from you. It has been awhile since we heard from you or gotten an update from Amber Crane! Glad to hear all is well. Let's keep in touch. Check us out at croshawcrew!

Dave and Mel said...

I love the dress choice and agree with everyone that you all look gorgeous! It sounds like Christmas was very fun and relaxing, as it should be. We need to chat so i will call you soon!