Monday, December 17, 2007

T'was the month of December

T'was the month of snowy December
At the Alsop's Hershey Abode,
Kylee awaited her presents eagerly
Full of excitement and ready to explode.

"I have really been good Daddy,"
"I've been sharing all my toys,"
"I am nice to all my friends,
and not making too much noise."

Her plea was considered thoughtfully
And a visit from Santa was forcast.
What would we do without children?
They make Holidays such a blast.

We hope everyone is doing great
The air is full of good cheer,
To all of you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
Skylar's contribution
He is the poet in our family


Riding Ramblings said...

Cute poem Cheryl! Look at you, you're a little poet! I love checking up on your family. I'm glad all is well and the girls look darling. We'll be in Logan for Christmas. Call us if you're up there too!

Flinders Family said...

That was really cute! Are you coming out here for Christmas at all? Let me know!

Annie said...

I am so impressed with Skylar's poetic talent. I can't believe you didn't feature him in the ward talent show last year. :)

Ok, so how do you know Kristin Emmett? We grew up in the same stake! She's AWESOME.

Dave and Mel said...

I had no idea Skylar was so creative- nice work!